It’s really a child’s mind.

"Well, Lili is the best!"
It’s comforting to hear good words, and Lili is also relieved. Without hesitation, "That Qi Jinan smells like gunpowder. Lili smelled it when she first saw him. Sister’s adult is boasting!"
Qi Jinan smells like gunpowder?
Na Lanqing grinned and was really right by Long Ze.
Throwing the fruit in her hand, she jumped up and touched Lili’s head. "Lili is the best and most powerful!" "
Lili closed her eyes like a pet and enjoyed it. Suddenly, her little face was full of ShaQi. She picked up a brick and the intellectual man fit flashed. She heard a scream in the dark and a black shadow was directly stunned by her brick …
At the same time, several shadows flashed through the dark, and all of them rushed at Nalanqing.
Recently, there has been no less assassination than rushing out of the figure’s mouth and screaming "Give it up!"
Are you here to ask for a map of Emperor Yan’s tomb again?
Uncle, when did she ever have this damn thing?
"Are you bored?" Na Lanqing kicked an assassin. She quickly ran in the street and let the assassins break through one by one.
Turn over and climb Shaqima’s body. Shaqima took her to climb the roof quickly. The Wolf King threatened the assassin with a ferocious face and a grin.
Shaqima on the roof saw that people were difficult to deal with, and she ran quickly on the roof with Nalanqing on her back.
It’s not fast enough for an assassin to chase someone and then dump them.
Na Lanqing touched her head from its back. "Good! I’ll take you to eat delicious later!"
"Ow ….." The Wolf king looked up and whistled a heart.
Suddenly, a long arrow came from the dark, and Nalanqing Shaqima jumped at the same time and quickly hid. When a long arrow came, it narrowly crossed a shallow scar from her arm and appeared in her arm.
It hurts instantly to move the wound in her heart.
Pain, her face was pale and she was sweating.
A black dress appeared to separate Shaqima Nalan. At the same time, a man wearing a black cloth curtain hat came out slowly. Nalan Qing held a cuff arrow in his hand and his eyes were cold. "Who are you?"
"Don’t kill yourself. Hand over the map of Emperor Yan’s tomb!" The opposite man has a low voice and can’t hear his emotions.
It’s still a map of Emperor Yan’s tomb. Where did she get this thing?
"I don’t know what you are talking about? What is the map of Emperor Yan’s tomb? " Na Lanqing looked for an attack opportunity while retreating. Now she is injured, but it is very unfavorable.
The opposite man approached the sound step by step. "Half a year ago, Wu’ an Houfu Black Dragon Order was handed over!"
Wu’ an Houfu six months ago?
Na Lanqing turned around in her mind. Isn’t that the day when she met Long Ze?
Long Ze was chasing someone to Wu ‘an Houfu, and then she collided with a man in black and then …
Her eyes widened with violence.
Is that dark token a map of Emperor Yan’s tomb?
What a joke!
I was inexplicably stuffed with such a thing?
"I don’t know what you’re talking about, let alone the map of Emperor Yan’s tomb. You have the wrong person!" She won’t let go.
"It seems that you don’t want to hand it over to someone to take it away!" Opposite the male order, a man in black immediately rushed over, holding a sword and looking condensed.
Na Lanqing waved the cufflink in his hand and quickly stabbed the man, then she turned around and ran.
I bumped into a cold bosom. It was the man dressed in black and wearing a curtain hat.
Very close as if I felt something familiar, Nalanqing took a step back and pulled the distance.
The man across the street reached out and grabbed her hand …
Please smash into the moonlight when you have a ticket in your hand.
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Whoosh! Nalanqing shoots an arrow out of his sleeve. The target is not the man in black, but a post in the distance.
Very ready to shoot into the original, I marked a spot and saw a red smoke rising at the center of the column. At the same time, the members of the Dragon Group leaned out of the roof with bows and arrows in their hands and surrounded the group of men in black.
He laughed coldly.
She was assassinated all the way to Xinmin City, and she felt something was wrong.
Tired of being assassinated, it’s better to catch them all.