"Little lady is really beautiful. No wonder she had to turn out all the A cities in those days."

"Master Chu is really a joke."
It seems that the chat between Woods and Chu is really speculative, and both of them have never stopped laughing, as if they had known each other for years.
Chu Xun motioned Chu Ling Chu Ling to look in the direction of his second brother, and his face turned gloomy. The other party was too shameless. This was because she and her second brother tried their best to invite guests, and he dared to beat him to it.
Chuling took a glass of wine and walked towards there. There were few people in the corner. Chuzheng was outside, and his tall body blocked half of the trees. No one looked here.
Chuling rushed to the other side in a hurry, and Chu Zheng seemed to be unaware of it and talked to the trees.
Just as ChuLing leaned forward to fall down, the red wine in his hand also came out to hit ChuZheng. Who knew that ChuZheng suddenly moved to the right, and ChuLing’s cup fell to the trees.
She exclaimed, "Hide!"
The trees didn’t seem to think of the same "ah" when they screamed sideways or were splashed with red wine on the skirt, and the white ceremony was instantly dyed red.
Chu Ling knew that she had made a big disaster, but she just wanted to pour wine on Chu and get him out of here. Who knows that he suddenly hid behind him like he had eyes?
Spitting on the trees is tantamount to offending the family. If you have a little temper, you will not spare her. She is my brother. Do you know if it will go well?
Chu Ling didn’t even come to wipe the wine stains on the trees with paper towels, but directly wiped them with his hands. Chu Xun has been watching the drama beside him. After seeing it, his face turned black and he ran over and put the paper towels in Chu Ling’s hand and pinched her.
Chuling’s tears came at once and she cried and looked at the trees. "Little madam, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to."
Woods … These tears came so quickly. She didn’t say anything, even a reproachful expression. What does it mean that she cried like this? Does that mean she bullied her?
"I bullied you when you cried like this."
Chu Ling immediately didn’t dare to say anything. It’s not that she didn’t cry or that she was weak. She asked, "Little Lady, can you forgive me?"
The trees haven’t spoken and listened to the movement here, and the crowd has come over.
Just now, the scream of trees has already alarmed some people, and even more people are attracted by her special status.
"What’s the matter?" Leaning beside the trees, he roars like a furious king and no one dares to squeak.
ChuLing hung his head and began to cry again. "I’m sorry I wasn’t careful …"
Chu asked her eyes to turn and asked, "Sister, you can’t lose your pace when you see little lady over there excited."
This is to give ChuLing a chance to explain.
Chuling immediately understood the second brother’s meaning and said, "It’s really my little brother who blocked the little lady here. I didn’t see the little lady at all. I came to talk to my little brother. Who knows that when I stumbled, my little brother happened to hide and spilled it on the little lady?"
Chu Zheng smiled. "So you blame me?"
Chu asked, "Third brother, you have the time to feel that something is wrong behind you. How can you hide? Don’t you ever think about the young lady in front of you when you hide?"
It’s a big deal for Chu to sneer at this second brother. Chu Ling can still rely on her for doing something wrong. Even if he knows kung fu, he doesn’t have long eyes behind him. How can he know that Chu Ling will be like this? Is it because Chu Ling came or the trees told him that he didn’t turn around?
According to the truth, Mrs. Shao saw Chu Ling coming and realized that she was moving. If he could hide, she should also be able to hide. Did he think too much when he didn’t hide in the end?
If he thinks like that, he won’t say it. If the family hates the boss’s family, then their opportunity will come. He simply said, "Please don’t transfer your wrong things to others."
"Well, can you take me to change clothes first? It’s really uncomfortable to wear like this. "
Old man Chu and father Chu came along. Old man Chu reprimanded his grandchildren and apologized. He could guess what happened just now and knew that Chu Ling had a lot of fights. He always turned a blind eye, or it would be good for them to fight because of the overall situation. It’s not good to fight in such a public place nowadays.
It’s too indiscreet for the old man to be angry. What can I do in the future if I get less angry and affect my business and Chu family?
Mrs. Chu hurriedly led the trees. "I’ll take you to change."
Trees smiled and said to ChuLing, "It’s good to have nothing to change. If you feel bad, just help me go to the car and get the preparatory gift."
She took a suit just in case. This kind of framing method is very common in a place like a rich family. She has seen it all before.
Chuling hurriedly jumped.
The generous demeanor of the trees has won unanimous praise from everyone. It turns out that Mrs. Shaojia has such a good temper. Do you think she still advised Shaoshao not to get angry?
It’s a lot better and more soothing now.
"This way," said the old lady Chu, leading Lin Mu towards the building. She also wanted to stop him from laughing with the trees in the past. "You can’t lose me if you wait here."
"What if you lose it?" Talk in a serious way, not to mention the trees. Even the people around you are envious. It’s true that you don’t talk much and spoil your wife.
You’re so nervous to change, you have to follow.
The old man Chu said, "The Chu family is still very safe without me."
Mrs. Chu also said, "I promise you that I will bring my wife out safely and beautifully, okay?"
The trees said to the old lady Chu, "Let’s go and ignore him." Then Jiaochen glared and said, "You are not allowed to follow."
Lift one’s feet and walk upstairs.
237 Banquet Storm (2)
When ChuLing brought the gift-help forest, the forest had picked the necklace and put it on the dresser.
Mrs. Chu likes jewelry best. Although the Chu family has a good family background, it is the first time she has seen such a large diamond and such a unique necklace.
Section 425
Mrs. Chu stroked the necklace as if she were looking at a treasure, more precious than her own grandson, and then looked up at her bracelet and earrings. "Does this set cost a lot of money?"
"Yes," the trees held out two fingers and made a gesture. However, despite the precious trees, they didn’t mind picking a set of jewelry and putting it on the dresser. Old Mrs. Chu was obsessed with watching her expression.
Mrs. Chu envied that "it’s really good for you to be less"
"It’s good. Master Chu is also good to you. I heard that you were childhood friends?"
Mrs Chu’s face twitched. I don’t know who she listened to talk nonsense. She was just the secret of the old man Chu. She followed him for a long time and they got together. What childhood friends did they have? Little three is more like it.
However, how can Mrs. Chu admit that she is a mistress? She has always advertised herself as a great hero to save old Chu’s marriage. Their marriage is crumbling and they can’t be together. She helped them cut the gordian knot.
"Something like that. Anyway, we were in love."
The trees looked at the old lady Chu from the mirror and pretended to be embarrassed to sneer at one.
"Little lady, you brought your clothes."