Month at this time take a look at the big ye took out a piece of paper from the sleeve, the man took it and took a look at it, then threw it to the ground and stepped on one foot to spit. "Bah! Officer, I can’t read. Where did you come from? Arrest all the thieves! "

When Yue and others saw that the official family had a bad momentum, they put their hands on their waist to prepare their swords.
"Sir, we are serious people who have suffered a disaster. The government called Wen here. You are so unreasonable!"
On the moon, it seems that those government officials are going to surround themselves, so they first say that they are waiting for the signal of the first snow.
At this moment, just now, the shopkeeper jumped out of behind the officer’s uncle and said, "Officer, don’t listen to her nonsense! Xiao Du can see clearly that these people are carrying swords. Where can a serious girl go out with these guys? It must be a mountain bandit! There’s another guy in the house who can’t even get up with two broken legs. It’s still these guys! "
On hearing this, Yue became angry ―― when a girl goes out with a serious family, she should be soft and weak and ask you guys to bully her. Is that serious?
I have never encountered such a thing in northern Xinjiang in June. When was the assassin in red bullied by such beggars?
So I’m going to draw my sword and teach these bastards who have never seen the world a lesson.
But when I heard "Ceng", I felt a gust of wind blowing through the moon. When I looked intently, I put my sword straight into the column not far from the store.
The broken hair on the sideburns of the official uncle fell slowly and leisurely along the wind.
Churuxue came out of the room and was put to bed by her, but at this time she also jumped up and down again.
"You … dare to beat the rulers!"
The official uncle hesitated for a long time before he realized that it seemed that he was the most official here, and the earth shouted at the beginning as snow.
At first, as cold as snow, I glanced at the official uncle and said, "You said you can’t read just now, so you should recognize this thing."
Follow the first snow eyes, the man looked back.
The hilt of that sword is carved with wishful auspicious clouds, which are embroidered by Su embroidery.
This carving with such a pattern must be a stranger!
It’s the official uncle who seems to have decided which down-and-out sister this is to take refuge here to deal with it, so that Xiao can scare the two and then catch the prison to intimidate them, so that they can submit to the situation. Her article has been destroyed at this time, and it is very convenient to find out some clues in the future and sell these girls to Jiangnan flower boats!
So the bottom spirit is enough for the official uncle to hum a "you even stole this thing. Come to a small place like you and take out a little valuable thing to blind the official uncle!" Somebody take it away for me! "
That sword was originally a night lamp, which was specially matched by the imperial court for the main phase. Even if it was taken before Jia Di, it was very weighty.
It seems that these people have never seen the world before. As early as snow, they shook their heads and scattered their hands as lily.
The official uncle immediately shouted while clutching his hand.
Everyone looked intently at this officer’s hand and was actually pierced by a lily!
Chapter 44 Acts to stir up trouble (2)
Jia twenty-six years old
Those officers and men who followed did not dare to move. After all, it is more important to die in front of you.
"Since you are an official who refuses to act according to the rules of the government, you will not behave yourself now. We have never seen the world before. Savages frighten you. I am so quiet and don’t like people very much. If you want to drink, you will drink quietly."
At this time, the official uncle held his hand and bit his teeth at the beginning of the snow. "You are a ruined lady! Just wait and see how our county grandfather will tidy up you! "
Since ancient times, it is not decent to call "miss"
Yue heard that he was so disrespectful to Chu Ruxue, so he got angry and grabbed the man’s arm and smashed his femur with a palm. "Dare to say that it’s cheap for my family to waste one of your legs, you son of a bitch. If you dare to disrespect my family again, I’ll pull out your tongue first, then gouge out your dog’s eye, and then break your other leg and throw it to Jiange to feed the wolves!"
Is there a wolf in the natural Jiange? It’s hard to say that it is said that the snow mountain Xuanbao near the snow line in Shushan seems fierce.
The man shouted and frightened the regiment, so the regiment shrank in its arms as early as snow, with its ears pressed against its head and squinting at any time, ready to retreat
Chu Ruxue gave Tuan Shun Shun Mao a way: "I didn’t intend to be so difficult. You are trying again and again, but it is unfair to me."
Glare at the man who threw the mud aside and said to Churuxue, "It’s a nuisance for a man like a householder to stay in the government."
At this time, there were quite a few people watching at the door of the shop. It was true that someone whispered in the crowd, "Well played."
Seeing the scene, the shopkeeper knew that he couldn’t take advantage of anything, so he tried to slip away, but a woman beside the moon grabbed him and pressed him to the front of the first snow.
The store cried the soft "ouch! Woman, spare me! Woman, spare me! Little eyes don’t know mount tai, and you can’t see that the woman has collided with the woman with stunts! The villain kowtowed to the woman! "
So I immediately hit my head hard and saw blood.
Chu Ruxue sneered at this moment, "I am short-lived, and I am not very interested in kowtowing to others. I don’t have to take this to sympathize with the store door to do business. I shouldn’t covet things that don’t belong to me. This is the scene one day."
He threw the dagger out of his hand and cut off a finger of the store.
Fingers linked to the heart, the store immediately screamed and turned pale and sweaty.
Churuxue soothed the knee group and said, "This place is not so good. Let’s go somewhere nearby."
The assassin in red naturally won’t be as embarrassed as snow at the beginning. This store really has evil intentions in its heart. If it is bad for its owner, it is the assassin in red’s sin.
So the group left the inn again to find another place.
At this moment, a 13-or 14-year-old boy came out of the crowd, dressed in a clean way, blocking the child’s dark skin, but his eyes were full of wonder, and he looked like a simple tiger.
The assassin in red immediately prepared to draw his sword to protect the Lord.
As early as snow, the assassin in red waved and took the sword.
"Sister, you can live in my house."
Churuxue saw that the child was so shy that his original dark face became a little red, and he trembled slightly, but he looked at Churuxue and his black eyes did not change their eyes and stared at Churuxue.