Yin Defu hurriedly replied, "Empress is very content and doesn’t go anywhere except staying at Jingning Palace every day."

Chu Yu said coldly, "I allow her to work in Jingning Palace. Where can she go? I mean, did she complain about the bad food? "
"Empress never complained that no matter what kind of meals were prepared in the dining room, she ate even overnight meals." Yin Defu knew that the emperor had been paying attention to Jingning Palace, and he sent people to keep an eye on Jingning Palace. He knew all about Xu Yi’s actions.
Chuyu stopped reading the paper and frowned as if he didn’t believe Yin Defu’s words.
He pondered for a moment and asked, "She really doesn’t complain? Can you eat overnight meals? "
His little queen has really changed a lot, which always makes him suspect that she has been changed, but both he and Xu Changqing have confirmed that she is still the original Xu Yi.
Yin Defu carefully replied, "I have been sending people to secretly stare at the empress of Jingning Palace, and I have never complained that she is still having a good time. The empress is a little fatter than before, which proves that she is doing well."
Chu Yu is silent
In the middle of the ring, he spit out a sentence, "It’s just a pig!"
Yin Defu dare not answer the phone.
The emperor dislikes the little queen so much that he scolds her like a pig.
Get up and go ChuYu around the counter.
Yin Defu quickly followed carefully and asked, "Where is the emperor going to ride?"
Jingning Palace
He is going to see the pig.
After waiting for a month, she didn’t wait until she died. She lived like she was fat again. Chu Yu was particularly angry.
Yin Defu is still awake carefully. "The emperor summoned King Heng Wang Heng and should be on his way."
Chu Yu paused and thought for a moment, then said, "See Hengwang and then go to Jingning Palace."
And he turned and walked back.
Just sitting back to the counter, a eunuch reported that Heng Wang had arrived.
Yin Defu walked out of the imperial room first. Although he was a red man in front of the emperor, he didn’t treat ministers or various vassal kings with arrogance. He was very polite and careful, and never dared to rely on the emperor’s favor to do evil.
Seeing Chu Heng coming from a distance, Yin Defu’s face piled up with a smile and stepped forward quickly. When he was still three meters away from Chu Heng, he knelt down and bowed respectfully. "My slave Yin Defu has seen Heng Wang Ye auspicious."
Chuheng came over with a smile and helped Yin Defu. He said, "Yin’s father-in-law doesn’t have to bother to please him quickly."
"Thank Lord"
Yin Defu got up and did not dare to straighten his waist. He still bowed his body and was extremely respectful to Chu Heng.
After he met ChuHeng walk back.
"How is my father-in-law?" Chu asked at a constant temperature.
Yin Defu is a pet, and if he is surprised, he will "trust the prince to bless the slave."
Chuheng looked at his eyes and smiled. "Wang Lo Yin’s father-in-law is more flexible than before."
Yin Defu also smiled "Thank you for your praise."
Chuheng look at his eyes again.
Yin Defu pushed the royal door and took Chu Heng in. He first told Chu Yu that "Huang Heng’s report is coming"
Chu Yu looked up
Chuheng knelt in situ and made a courtier.
"Big Brother, please get up."
"thank the emperor"
"give a seat"
Yindefu hurriedly moved to a chair for Chuheng to sit on.
When Chu Heng sat down, Chu Yu first asked him, "Did Big Brother just arrive?"
Chu Heng replied, "I just arrived to keep the emperor waiting, and I am deeply scared."
"How can I blame Big Brother for going back to Beijing this time and staying in Beijing for two more months, even if Na Nan gallops to the capital?"
Zhang Taifei was the first emperor’s favorite. First, she was honored all her life, but her children volunteered to live in Jingning Palace after the death of the first emperor, which is very close to Jingning Palace.
Although the two palaces are close, they are treated differently.
Zhang Taifei is a toffee after all, even though her old man’s house is quiet, she still occupies a very important position in the harem.
Chu Yu was taken care of by Zhang Taifei. After the first queen went, he waited on Zhang Taifei as his mother.
"I also want to celebrate the Millennium Festival for Toffee this time when I return to Beijing." Zhang Toffee Chuheng’s mother princess still entered the palace together. The two of them failed to win favor with the first emperor’s favorite, and they were left in the cold, but they did not fight for it. Now they can enjoy their old age.
When I arrived at Zhang Taifei Chuheng, I thought of the chubby little girl in Jingning Palace. Although chubby, the little girl had a pair of black smart eyes, and her facial features were not ugly, but she was a little fat.
Who is she?
Living in Jingning Palace at such a young age, look, she doesn’t look like a maid-in-waiting. Is she an imperial concubine?
Chu Yu is young, and the harem lido is a girl between the ages of thirteen and ten. One exception is the age of the little queen.