Xu Jinyan insisted that Fu Jingxiao also agreed to get up. Xu Jinyan slept without taking a shower last night, and he felt too much for himself to take a shower.

Fu Jingxiao gave her a Fu Jingyun dress, which was a little more feminine than her former simple shirt and jeans.
Fu Jingxiao brought her a hair dryer to let her sit on the bed and blow her hair.
After blowing your hair, Xu Jinyan looked at the trophies in front of you. "Are you praised as someone else’s child since childhood?"
"Our children will become other people’s children." He put his arm around her waist from behind.
She shook her head. "I don’t want him to be so stressed."
Xu Jinyan turned around "but it may not be too strong to have a father’s legacy."
"Actually, I didn’t tell you when I came to your room." Xu Jin said it truthfully, and he paused in confusion. No wonder he was familiar with it.
He didn’t speak, waiting for her to tell her story.
"Don’t worry, it’s not being a thief, it’s my uncle and aunt who let me rest. When I saw you winning so many prizes, what puzzled me most was that you won the piano competition but didn’t." She laughed.
Fu Jingxiao picked his eyebrows and squeezed her cheek. "What is to make fun of me?"
"No, I really want to hear you play the piano, which makes me more addicted to you." Xu Jinyan smiled in his arms and then she folded her arm. "I haven’t enjoyed the warmth of my family since my mother died, and I don’t know how to treat my family. It’s right, but because of you, I have regained my belief in my family."
She dropped her voice.
"Your parents will be my parents in the future. They have done something wrong before. I believe it is also because they are partial to you. I don’t blame them. I should also thank them for their world. They are not sad about me. I have always believed that being honest is better than retreating." Xu Jinyan didn’t dare to look at the fluctuating expression in his eyes.
He put his hand on the back of her head. "You don’t blame them."
"Everything in my world is beautiful because of you, so please forgive them." Xu Jinyan wanted to ease the gap between his parents.
He hugged her. "You are the best person."
"I’m not good enough for you." She happily looked up and hid it from himself. His family wanted to give him a happy result.
Now her family is willing to accept her, and she has got the best reward.
"You promised me to take a wedding photo last night. Where do you want to take it?" Fu Jingxiao arm around her and asked
Xu Jinyan wondered, "When will I agree?"
"When I was in bed," he replied, "when I was watching you, I took pictures. It was just lukewarm recently, and it was cold in winter."
"Ok, let’s go to the medical shoot. It is of special commemorative significance for us to meet there." Xu Jinyan suggested.
He hugged her and nodded "Listen to you"
"Let’s hurry upstairs. We’ll be the latest later." Xu Jinyan looked at the clock in a room and let others pull him out of the bedroom door.
Sure enough, the building is already occupied.
Fu Jingxiao put his arms around his hands and saw Zhou Shiyu bring breakfast out of the kitchen.
"I feel that I have lost completely." Xu Jinyan looked nai. "I don’t like Zhou Zhu’s volume. How can I live?"
Fu Jingxiao took Xu Jinyan to sit at the table and said, "Let’s make a mess."
Fu Jingxiao dares to promise this inkstone, but dare not "Lord Zhou, let me help you and leave me some impression points"
"You didn’t take chopsticks, did you?" Zhou Shiyu assigned a new one.
As soon as Wang Ma came, she saw that Zhou Shiyu invited the servant out and was busy in the kitchen. He said, "Jing Yun is used to eating my breakfast."
Wang Ma sighed: This uncle is really good.
Because of the root, I didn’t see Fu Jingyun coming to the building. He had already come upstairs to prepare breakfast.
Everyone says that the new uncle is young and an ordinary family, but from employment to human nature, he is excellent, which makes people speechless
Fu Jingyun is sleeping late.
Because this is the Fu family.
It’s natural for her to stay up late, because she hasn’t slept in the Fu family for a long time, and of course, because someone pestered her last night and she didn’t have the energy to go upstairs for breakfast.
Fu Shen and Cheng Qing also played late because Fu Shen drank too much last night.
I saw two busy people when I was building, and one of them was just a mess.
"Mom and Dad are early" Zhou Shiyu first saw the floor coming to them.
At this moment, Xu Jin inkstone paused at the door of the kitchen and came over with a pot of tea in his hand, nodding "Good morning, uncle and aunt"
Cheng Qing muttered a "is the two like their own raise is not ripe"
"Don’t all have servants putting on airs." Don’t look away from Fu Shen.
"Yes, yes, yes, then you can eat servants and do it. I’ll go and have a look." Cheng Qinglou went.
Fu Shen walked a little slowly on crutches.
"What about Jing Yun’s eldest sister? No one is here yet. It doesn’t look like anything." Fu Shengang took a seat on the sidewalk.
May be because I can’t pick out what’s wrong with Fu Jingyun.
"Dad, when I came back to sleep late, I blamed me again. When I got up, they were all too diligent, which made me lazy." Fu Jingyun was already on the stairs.
Xu Jinyan continued to bring tea.
She poured everyone a cup of "hangover tea to moisten their throats"
"Pour a few more cups for dad. He drinks the most." Fu Jingyun revealed the short story.
Fu Shen coughed twice and crossed coldly. "I want you to take care of it?"
"That you let this inkstone tube" Fu Jingyun pushing.
Cheng Qinggang didn’t look closely. Now I see that Xu Jin’s shirt and jeans were changed into a dress last night. It looks mature. At first glance, Fu Jingyun will like the style, but the temperament of wearing Xu Jin’s inkstone also highlights that it is really a beautiful face that can afford this dress.
I am narrow-minded
Temperament is also a matter of dressing up