"…" Mu Fei smoke cried and knocked on the ground, but the cave door was gone. She gritted her teeth and looked at Mu Jing praying "Brother, help, help, help". It’s all her fault. If she hurt her, she would never fall off. Why would she quarrel with Mu Ning Yu? If she didn’t quarrel, there would be no things behind her.

Mu Jing qi’s cold and calm face did not pay attention to Mu Fei’s smoke. He glanced around and thought that this Bodhi tree should have such a machine. It seems that who just touched the machine? There seems to be nothing particularly strange here. Where is this machine set? That woman is really bold. Who knows what’s in her face? Isn’t she afraid of death? Is it worth it for her to smoke? If he had chosen to pull her, she would have been fine, and this time he owed her a favor.
"What’s there to cry about? You should be glad that it wasn’t you who just fell off. Maybe she did it to attract your brother’s attention, just like some women." Mu Ningyu caught a glimpse of Mu Fei’s smoke and said lightly.
Although some women don’t refer to it accurately, Cong knows who XuanYuanYuKe looks bad. She glared at Mu Ningyu, but she was too lazy to dispute with her. Anyway, after the shallow woman has fallen, no one can threaten her. Jingqi’s brother is her.
Mu Fei Yan suddenly raised his head and stared fiercely at Mu Ning Yu. "Mu Ning Yu shut your mouth. People like you never deserve friends. You don’t know what friendship is at all. Most of the accidents today are caused by you. Please tell me how to call this machine or I will never let you go."
Mu Ningyu sneered, "Mu Fei Yan, are you stupid? This Pujiu Temple is not my Princess Xiyue. Even if I really want to die lightly, I can’t stop this machine. Besides, it’s you who should have just fallen off."
If you go to Mu Fei Yan, you will definitely say that it is me because you want to kill people, but after looking at Mu Ning Yu, she suddenly became silent.
Soon Mu Sheng Xiao, Chu Hanxuan and others also came and learned what had happened.
"It seems that we can ask the abbot of Pujiu Temple about this machine." Mu Sheng Xiao glanced at the people around him and his eyes flashed a bit deep. I didn’t think that there was a machine in Pujiu Temple. Is that true?
Listening to this, everyone nodded. Chu Hanxuan looked at the ground and said seriously, "Shallow Wang Yiding will save you." However, when he said this, a trace of worry appeared on his face. "I don’t know if she will be afraid of a human face."
Are you alone? At ChuHanXuan MuJing qi, others didn’t see him at that time, but you can see the purple figure clearly without hesitation.
Chapter 146 If you want me to help you this day.
The face is bright and disappears a little, and I want to rush with my strength, but Nai is too injured to fall when I fall, and I don’t have much preparation to fall with my heart.
With the light of "Keng" disappearing completely and closing her eyes slowly, she had long expected that the cave would be deep and tight, even if it fell this time, it would not die, even if all the five internal organs were damaged. This heart was extremely cold, but at that time, watching Mu Fei smoke fall, she still gave birth to compassion in her heart. Maybe she didn’t want that kind of obsequious smile to disappear.
But if she really dies like this, will she be willing? How can we be content that we are in such a state now, and it’s all in vain to say goodbye? Then who does she remember in this residual memory?
The man in a white brocade robe stood high on the wall and the silver mask covered his face, but she seemed to see him calling her shallow with a smile.
The two men, as noble as gods, are always calm, but he is smiling at her warmly
And the man sitting on the peach tree, who made his eyes sad?
The little girl, who is as charming as sunshine, calls her kindly.
Many, many facts, even as it is today, she has a lot of memories. She once remembered and forgot that after all, all her memories will be in her body, so eversleeping is here.
Her body kept falling, and her consciousness was a little blurred. Suddenly, her waist tightened. She felt her body close to a piece of warm air, and a familiar fragrance of orchid seemed to have changed. It was not as urgent as before, but finally stopped.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw a beautiful face. How could he be him? He can’t be here. Has she lost her memory again? But confusion will also be a memory.
Seeing the shallow eyes open, Xuanyuan Tianyue smiled at her lightly, and the smile was gentle as water. His light purple eyes flashed with Chinese light, and the whole person was filled with warm and warm temperament. "Rest assured that I have landed safely and will be fine."
This warm sound in my ears permeates my heart a little bit. All my previous hesitations are swaying at this moment. For shallow people, this is a long-lost feeling, as if she suddenly grabbed a life-saving rope. Maybe it’s not just a rope. It’s a kind of spiritual comfort. It can tell me not to be afraid. My heart seems to beat badly.
Is it really a dream? How can she be in such a mood to rely on others and feel satisfied? In this world, she can rely on others to have herself.
Shallow, suddenly, I woke up, and there was a sharp mans in my bright eyes. I stared coldly at the man in front of me. It was really him! She looked at her body and then at his feet, which were really on the ground, and she was being held in her arms by Xuanyuan Tianyue at the moment and immediately said coldly, "Let me!"
Looking at the shallow face awkward Xuanyuan Tianyue smiled and found a clean place to put her down without talking.
Ignore him with a cold face, but look around. This is a cave, to be exact, a huge cave. There is a 30-foot-high Buddha in every corner of this cave. Although the face is sealed, this cave is not black as day. If you look closely, there seems to be other small holes in front. Maybe it is connected to the outside.
But it can’t be accidental that this thousand-and-one-room machine is so deep that it takes a lot of energy to complete it. So does it mean that there is a secret hidden in it?
"How did you get here?" It’s as if I remembered that there was another person around me who suddenly looked at him and asked, Did Xuanyuan Tianyue come here before she fell? But just now he seems to have caught her from a high place.
"Probably just like shallow son," said Xuanyuan Tianyue, looking around and suddenly looking back at shallow temperature.
Same reason as her? Looking up at Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyebrows, there was a melancholy color. She fell to save Mu Fei’s smoke, just like her. The reason is that he also came to save someone. There are two of them here, so the person he wants to save is her? What’s he talking about? If he is crazy, he will not even be wise in life. How can he work out such a foolish account? At the moment, she is greatly disbelieved, but suddenly she remembers that he was soft in front of her. She actually hesitated to save her. What did he want to save her?
"There are many machines here that have been built for a long time, and it is not easy for us to go out." Xuanyuan Tianyue suddenly broke the silence. He dragged himself to the ground with one hand and even fell into the ground, his figure was still elegant.
Look at the elegant figure in front and frown and say, "aren’t there some caves in front?" Maybe there is an exit? " The secret in this cave can wait until we find the exit. After all, nothing is more important than living first.
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked at the shallow eyes, and the deep eyes nodded silently.
"Ahem ….." Shallow preparation got up and Naigang moved the five internal organs, and a tingling sensation hit her throat. She pinched her lips and clasped her hands, even when she just pushed the Fei smoke, it affected the injury. Now it broke out.