Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but smile and didn’t say much at Peach.

She is not embarrassed to refuse the second lady and others to their face, but she is just looking at the two families for mutual affection!
I hope their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can understand what she means and stop persevering, otherwise it will be embarrassing to blame her!
Even Fang Zhou’s heart is very contemptuous of Zhujiajian and he is anxious to give some benefits. Just like Li Wanrou!
Don’t say goodbye, Li Wanrou asked Zhu Yuying to take it as a knife so that it didn’t take long for them to learn their lesson!
Even Fang Zhou didn’t know that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were in a good mood, but even Fang Zhou sent them out without even stopping. Don’t be so depressed! The second lady even complained that Zou had nothing to do with her pregnancy, which caused her to talk so much! Otherwise, I should have said it already!
Zou’s heart was depressed. Didn’t she just want to give her a compliment to make Fang Zhou happy? She’s in a good mood. It’s more likely that she’ll ask for something, isn’t it?
Who knows that the village woman never stops talking about children!
The second lady Nai had to send Zou to Zhu Fu the next day and told Xu Shi that even Fangzhou was pregnant and was not very well and impatient to listen to them, so she didn’t have a chance to come and say that she would come again after giving birth.
Xu Shi almost didn’t grieve!
The original listen to the second lady promised well Xu Shi is quite proud of heart, but any clever can’t refuse such a lantern and it’s hard to find a good thing. The Li family is no exception! Mother-in-law is making a mountain out of a molehill
After she returned to the office, she made a guarantee in front of her mother-in-law, which is good!
Guaranteed to hit Shui Piao!
This makes her hold her head high in front of her mother-in-law? Even other people in the house want to see jokes!
Xu Shi heart head endure gas is not in front of Zou’s hair that face tone is unhappy.
When the light said, "Don’t bother your heart! Let’s forget about this matter! " Will Zou sent.
Xu Shi endured shame and embarrassment and went to see Mrs. Zhu. After listening to her, Mrs. Zhu didn’t feel surprised. She picked her eyebrows, nodded and said "I know" and let her go.
Xu Shi was surprised.
However, since her mother-in-law let her go gently, of course, she would not be stupid enough to take the initiative to ask for being scolded, and immediately she was relieved and available.
Mrs. Zhu "scoffs" and sneers lightly. "There is some calculation. She guessed her purpose without opening her mouth, and there are decrees that they can’t open their mouths. Chapter 783 Mrs. Zhu personally went to the door.
Mrs. Zhu didn’t expect the Li family’s second wife and daughter-in-law to say it. If she could, her daughter wouldn’t be embarrassed by that meal!
What she did was just a test or two.
This truth even fangzhou guessed.
Waiting for Mrs. Zhu or Mrs. Zhu’s mother-in-law in the mansion
She didn’t tell Li Fu about her second aunt’s sister-in-law’s visit. He didn’t have to worry about some small things.
Although she is pregnant, she can ask Li Fu to be kind to her. No one can do anything to her!
What about Mrs. Zhu? If she doesn’t promise, she won’t promise!
This matter needs to be dragged on for a long time, and the worse it is for Zhu Yuying and Zhu Fu, even if Fang Zhou didn’t wait for two days, Mrs. Zhu visited with Xu Shi and Mammy Zhu.
Xu Shi went to see his second wife, etc. This time Li Fu was in a big way for fear that no one would know.
Nature soon attracted many people’s attention.
Mrs. Zhu is a distinguished guest, and even Fangzhou can’t be rude.
After receiving the report, he took Chunxing and Bitao to meet him at the second door of the soft car.
See spring apricot and so on a nervous look even fangzhou couldn’t help but say, "what’s going on with you one by one! Mrs. Zhu is not coming to be a guest! Look, you look like a scourge! "
Chunxing and others have no affection for Zhu. Madam Zhu is Zhu Yuying’s mother!
Peach is always the first one who can’t help but pie mouth. "Isn’t it a scourge?" It’s worse than a scourge to say handmaiden! What a guest! Yang Wei is here! Madam, you must be careful not to let the Zhu family near you! "
Even Fang Zhou was funny and angry. "The more such a respectable person will do well! Breaking will not trip the table in front of you! You all behave naturally. You should be afraid of them when you look at them! It’s not what superhuman powers are afraid of! "
Chunxing is waiting for you to look at me, and I’ll look at you. If you really see that the other person’s face doesn’t look too good, you promised to take a deep breath and adjust your mood.
Speaking, Mrs. Zhu and Xu Shi have already led the money in the money manager
Lian Fangzhou greeted with a smile, "I’m pregnant, and Mrs. Zhu and Mrs. Zhu Ershao are inconvenient to move. Please forgive me!"
Xu Shi smell speech and took a glance at her high uplift abdomen disdain and pie mouth.
The mother is so low-born, and even the children are treated as treasures only when General Li is stupid!
"Li Furen doesn’t have to be a stranger!" Mrs. Zhu nodded slightly with a smile and went in with all the people in Fangzhou.
The maids who took their seats in the drawing room of the house returned automatically when they brought tea. Only Chunxing and Peach served one side and Redjade and the maids stayed outside.
Mrs. Zhu gracefully wiped her lips with the embroidered handkerchief in her tea hand. "Good tea is rare in Huangshan clouds. Today we really have a good luck to eat!"
"Yes!" Xu Shi laughed and laughed and echoed her mother-in-law.
Even fangzhou is ha ha a smile. "I can’t drink it, okay? I think it smells good!" It doesn’t seem that there is much difference between the big leaves of the yellow-skinned fruit tree in the same town! "
Xu Shi "sloped" a sneer at the export even fangzhou has a captivating smile "Mrs. Zhu and Mrs. Zhu Ershao must not have come to me for tea, right? Did you miss Zhu Liu come on the night of the fifteenth day of the first month? "
Zhu Jia’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are all a lag.
Rao is that Mrs. Zhu has been well-informed and socializing for most of her life. She is confident that there is nothing she can’t cope with, but at first she heard that Fangzhou didn’t even turn the corner, let alone the three-story hint, or she was caught off guard.
Mrs. Zhu soon came to her senses. Now that even Fangzhou has spread the word, it’s easy for her to say that!
She nodded without hesitation. "Yes, it’s because of my daughter Yuying!"
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "That would be much easier! I still have the same attitude. I don’t think Mrs. Zhu needs to repeat what your daughter said! "
Mrs. Zhu has never met anyone like Lian Fangzhou. It’s her self-restraint. It’s good to hear her talk like this. She still can’t help but turn pale. "Li Furen, have you really considered it? Don’t want to hear what I have to say Li Furen naturally doesn’t have to care about my daughter, but doesn’t she care about her own name? "
Rao even Fang Zhou made up her mind and was too lazy to deal with Mrs. Zhu. Anyway, she didn’t need her approval, and the ladies in this capital never wanted to pay Li Fu, and she didn’t need her to pay it. But when she heard Mrs. Zhu’s words, she still couldn’t help but blurt out, "My name?"
When you ask this, even Fangzhou secretly laughed in her heart. Mrs. Zhu is really fierce! As soon as she opened her mouth, she took the initiative to trap herself!
In that case, listen to what she has to say!
Mrs Zhu sighed service road "Li Furen want to know? Since Yinger left your house that night, this matter has never been covered up! I’m not afraid of Li Furen’s jokes. My daughter is a dead woman. Once the matter is decided, nine cows can’t pull it back! Besides, it is well known that she admired General Li in those days, and even the nobles in the palace joked about it! If it weren’t for the accident that General Li returned to Beijing two years ago-alas, things have passed, I wouldn’t say it! My family didn’t disgrace General Lee at all, and Yinger is not a competitive person. She admires General Lee with all her heart, and Li Furen, who loves you, will naturally respect you! Did Li Furen think that I might have appeared in front of you and told you about it if she didn’t think about tea and rice, was emotional and cried every day? I am a mother, and my family is so well-connected and well-conditioned. I want my daughter to be wronged! "
Mrs. Zhu said, and gently sighed and bowed her head and drank tea slowly.
Even Fangzhou almost cheered.
Compared with Zhu Yuying, Mrs. Zhu is superior!
It’s almost the same, but in Mrs. Zhu’s words, it’s true that she has to be different from Zhu Yuying’s kind of rushing and faintly threatening!
Less even fangzhou although the brain and mind are still awake and not half shaken, but the consciousness is loose to feel calm. Xu 784 Chapter 784 Hard and soft don’t eat.
"Say Li Furen doesn’t like obedient" and Mrs. Zhu is faint and then said, "Lee’s future aunt concubine room is indispensable. If you don’t believe me, ask any one in the capital about which one isn’t? If there are not many concubines in the family, they will be laughed at by their colleagues! In that case, Li Furen can’t. Where’s Yinger? There is no doubt that you respect this! In the future, with you two assisting in housekeeping, General Li will try his best to look back and worry! It’s not so easy to get acquainted with people in Beijing, but it’s different with our Zhu family’s help! After all, not yet. How’s General Lee? Li Furen looks like a reasonable, virtuous and generous man. Why don’t you be a jealous woman and an evil woman? And even with general Li, you have to lose your name? General Li is an expert in the battlefield. Wouldn’t it be laughed at by everyone if he really became so famous? Weiyi? In the future, the battlefield will be numerous! One thousand so what’s wrong with Li Furen won’t regret a lifetime! Li Furen, if you think about it, you will know if I said this every day! These words may not sound good, but they are true! "
Spring apricot and peach can’t help but change color, and they are a little jumpy.
Mrs. Zhu, these words are not reasonable!