Captain Wen Zhou made a speech, "First of all, thank all the family members present. Thank you for coming to the scene to pick them up when you are busy. We will give you an old song" Whales Into the Sea "."

This is their first song, Xia Lu’s single cycle. It is possible that she will never get rid of the whale in her life.
Field boiling and standing up
"The horizon of the deep blue sea is slowly growing. Whales fall into the sea and the sea tells the old story of the past …"
After the song was finished, there were screams one after another.
Later, the two men stepped back and left Wen Zhou Wen Zhou’s voice "A song" coax "for everyone"
"Zhouzhou is so handsome"
"Sister Zhouzhou loves you"
Xia Lu shouted at the stage
Of course, there is still a long way to go between Taiwan and Taiwan, but the sound is all around the venue. She is not alone, but everyone is shouting.
When a man wearing tannin jeans, white pants and sunglasses appeared at the meeting, he saw his wife shouting at the stage.
To Hoai whale swears, "It’s unfair that my fucking wife said she loved her brother before she said she loved me."
He was tall and walked to Xia Lu’s side for a long time, but the woman beside him didn’t even feel that there was one more person looking straight at the Taiwanese.
Is it so nice?
He sings a hundred times better than Wen Zhou.
Is it so handsome?
He is much more mature and attractive than a kid like Wen Zhou.
To Hoai whale found himself coughing for two times "ahem …"
Xia Lu waved his hand, "Cough, cough, don’t disturb others. If you are sick, go out to see a doctor."
"Mrs. Su, you have to drive me away when your husband is in front of emotional infidelity!" To Hoai whale pointed to his direction full of grievances.
Xia Lu pulled away from the immersion listening to the music when she heard the call, and turned to look at others. "To Hoai Whale, why are you here? Aren’t you fine?"
Why am I here?
Can I not watch my wife here a little?
"Hehe, can I still hinder your eyes here?" To Hoai whale has his hands in his trouser pockets, and if he takes off his sunglasses, it will also cause chaos, okay? He just doesn’t care.
Xia Lu looked at her and turned back to continue her younger brother in the stands. She replied, "It’s quite an eyesore. How can Wenzhou see me when you are here?"
To Hoai whale snorted. If it weren’t for him, would she be here? Xia Lu and Lin Sisi inquired about the ticket, and then Lin Sisi couldn’t get the ticket, so she went to To Hoai whale.
To Hoai whale can still handle this. Of course, it pays a lot. Who let him give it to his wife idolize?
And now it’s an eyesore
Sue? Xiao Jing? Huai whale expressed his sadness.
"I’m not leaving yet." To Hoai Whale sat in the seat next to her. He booked two tickets when he booked the ticket at that time. As a result, the woman said she didn’t want him to accompany her after the appointment.
Sure enough, I have a brother in my heart and don’t want a husband.
After Wen Zhou finished singing, the two of you also had a solo atmosphere and came together.
To Hoai whale watched his wife smirk at his younger brothers, and Cheng did not sit in the chair, but he was integrated with the stage.
And he held his big sunglasses.
Singing for two hours ended in his diligent expectation.
Others hugged and wanted to get an autographed photo. Xia Lu also ran to the To Hoai whale and pulled her over. "Why go?"
"Go and sign." Xia Lu was so excited that idolize chased her to such a row of noodles. It was worth it
To Hoai whale directly pulls people away "Don’t go"
"To Hoai whale, let me go. I’m going to such a difficult opportunity. I must make good use of it. You wait for me here." She held his face conveniently.
To Hoai whale feels that her cheeks are hot. Forget it. Just let her feel better.
He dragged her away.
Xia Lu was dragged away by him and turned to look at his brothers.
She shouted, "Why should I get married and pursue my brother alone?"
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Chapter six hundred and fifty-three With his wife idolize
The venue ended in a bustle, and Xia Lu was unfortunately taken away by the To Hoai whale.
She followed the footsteps of To Hoai whales around here and there, and I don’t know if there are too many people, so he may want to take the path and go to the back door
This is Xia Lu’s speculation
Until Xia Lu walked into a small room.
The room is a little messy, but there are three beautiful big boys, and Xia Lu can’t be mistaken.
"Su Ge" Wenzhou recognized the To Hoai whale first and has already walked towards them.
Xia Lu watched her brother go so close, and she wanted to scream, but she held back and kept her image as a reserved sister.
At this time, To Hoai whale took off his sunglasses and hung a white shirt collar under his denim shirt.
Xia Lu can only see in incandescent light that today To Hoai whale is dressed in the same style and color as his younger brothers, which is different from his usual coquettish dress.
Although she thinks it is more suitable for him to be a Uber ordinary person.
The white shirt on the day of the license, today’s denim shirt is the kind of child who steals adult clothes, but wears a unique temperament of children.
"Well," To Hoai whale posed.
Aunt Xia Lu smiled and kept her face motionless.
"Why did you come to see us sing?" Wen Zhou was so happy to tell him that his eyes were glowing.
Xia Lu didn’t even know that this brother was so happy about the To Hoai whale?
"Accompany my wife to introduce you-this is my wife, your loyal fans." To Hoai whale grabbed Xia Lu, who laughed till her mouth was stiff.
Xia Lu felt that she fell into his arms for a while, then took a look at the To Hoai whale and turned her eyes to Wenzhou. She was extremely calm and numb, and her hands waved "Hello"
Wenzhou called YanLin and YunYu to come over.
Everyone in the entertainment circle doesn’t know that the starlight To Hoai whale is also photographed even if it isn’t their artist, especially when Wen Zhou just finished filming a drama with starlight.
"Sue always" the other two shouted a.
"You’re welcome. Today, I’m not Mr. Su. I’m accompanying my wife to idolize." To Hoai Whale emphasized that he doesn’t want to come either. Who makes Xia Lu like it?
Wen Zhou smiled and revealed a little tiger tooth with a tender and clear "good wife" of his age.
"No, no, no,no. I’m your sister’s powder." Xia Lu was glad that he didn’t have a gourd ladle.