Luo Hongyuan’s body suddenly trembled violently and his murderous look came crashing out like a storm.

Second young master is dead!
He was killed by Ling Tianyi’s sword under his nose.
This makes him go back to the patriarch?
"ah! ! !”
Suddenly Luo Hongyuan face upwards a roar.
Put Luo Kun’s body suddenly turned to look at Ling Tian.
Eyes like knives!
Ling day body instantaneous tense eyes fine mans flash.
Like being stared at by a furious beast, the sense of crisis is instantaneous arrival.
Intuition tells ling that the old man is terrible.
Luo Hongyuan got up and looked at Ling Tian coldly without a trace of emotion.
Cold tone gnashing way
"I will take your head and apologize to the family!"
As soon as the words were finished, Luo Hongyuan suddenly pulled out a string of ghosting images.
As soon as I arrived at Lingtian near.
Raise your hand and slap it with crushing potential towards Lingtian!
Chapter 342 The name of the restricted area
Ling day looked at is a sneer at the cold mans eyes flashing light hum a way
"I haven’t settled accounts with you for your hidden weapons sneak attack just now!"
Watched Luo Hongyuan clap a palm to ling day suddenly fingers even play.
The cold mountain flies out and takes Luo Hongyuan’s key points.
Luo Hongyuan’s pupil shrinks. I didn’t expect Lingtian hidden weapons to be so good at kung fu.
Quickly body even dodged the silver needle attack.
But attack to ling tianyi palm was forced to stop.
However, how can Lingtian hidden weapons leave it at that if he misses?
"None of the Luo family will leave!"
Ling day drink a hand-held soft sword blunt go to.
"Looking for death!"
Luo Hongyuan was greeted by a big drink.
He is a master who has been famous for a long time, and I don’t know how many storms he has experienced.
Will you be afraid of Lingtian?
People draw their swords in the middle. Com
Flying like a snake, sharp and biting
The sword shadow instantly enveloped Ling Tian.
Dangdang dang!
Suddenly the metal impact kept ringing.
In the blink of an eye, the two men met for more than a dozen rounds.
Ling day after all, the true qi is a little weak and forced to retreat repeatedly.
Luo Hongyuan sneer at a more violent attack impenetrable.
It is necessary to slay Ling Tian in one fell swoop.
Ling Tianli defends her heart but knows that she can’t fight like this.
This Luo Hongyuan’s strength is far from that of Luo Kun.
Procrastination is not good for you.
It must be done quickly!
"Look at the dart!"
Just then Luo Hongyuan drank a lot and suddenly threw out a golden dart.
Ling Tian just dodged a sword but just met the golden dart.
As if ling day took the initiative to hit the general.
Obviously this is Luo Hongyuan’s calculation.
Ling Eye looked at Avoidance and Avoidance, and my heart fell backwards directly.
Luo Hongyuan said not shine at the moment.
When a person falls to the ground, unless he is practicing lying down, his strength will be reduced by half.
Ling tianyi, when I think about it again, I can’t help him
Luo Hongyuan was about to rush over with a sword, but suddenly a sense of foreboding flooded my mind.
"Are you the only one who can go to hidden weapons?"
"The goddess scattered flowers!"
Lingtian’s indifferent sound rings with pondering.
Then I saw several cold mountains falling from the sky.
Dense and dense came and enveloped him, sealing off all the retreat.
"Not good!"
Luo Hongyuan’s face changed. I didn’t expect Lingtian hidden weapons to be so good at kung fu.
Actually, it is the most famous and difficult to practice the method of scattering flowers.
Luo Hongyuan dare not careless and quickly waved a sword to resist the overwhelming silver needle.