Like other German cities, Munich was stable after the war, and the unemployment rate did not increase with the end of the war. On the contrary, in the last six months, the unemployment rate in Munich dropped by 3 percentage points, making the number of unemployed people less than 1% of the city’s population. This is unprecedented! Of course, a very ordinary ordinary policeman, Mr. Sinkowitz, has a lot of leisure at work. It’s been two weeks since there were any vicious incidents. Poor Sinkowitz can do something to help lonely old people or lost people every day. Fortunately, the government’s finances have always been in good shape, and there is no plan to reduce police officers. Sinkowitz’s life is just like this.

When a cold, weightless thing touched his skin, Mr. Sinkowitz looked up at the thick and low clouds that had stayed in the city for several days, and finally the first snow came quietly this winter, as people hoped!
Sinkowitz couldn’t help tightening his scarf. There were more and more glittering and translucent things, and soon the whole line of sight blurred. He should be the first batch of people in this city to meet the first snowman, but Sinkowitz wasn’t happy because the police officers in charge of patrol didn’t like it the most, especially the hot or cold weather, especially the rain and snow! However, in Sinkowitz’s view, it was at least a very calm snowy day. At this time last year, my brother was worried about joining the army!
Snowflakes are falling from the sky, and people in this city are not affected too much. Everything seems to be going on as usual. The workers are busy delivering letters in the most beautiful Shylock Palace in the western suburbs of Munich-Fenningburg is completely immersed in a white harmony and peace.
The walls of this palace are all simple and classical white decorations, so the simple appearance seems to be trying to hide its luxury. In front of the palace, there are always flocks of white swans and wild ducks wandering in the lake. On turning the palace in winter and summer, there is a big garden with flat lawns and old trees that cover the sky. In 1664, candidate Didynand thanked his wife for giving birth to a son and made the kingdom an heir, so she built this summer palace, which has since become the palace of Bavarian kings. Now the owner is Ludwig III of Bavaria.
For Munich people who are Bavarians, this king is a controversial person. In 1913, then Regent Ludwig III asked the National Assembly to amend the Constitution. In November of the same year, Otto I was deposed as king of Bavaria on the grounds that Otto I was suffering from serious mental illness. Some people thought it was reasonable to do this, and of course some people thought he was a conspirator. However, as time went on, the debate on this matter gradually subsided. In the explosive war the following year, almost all Bavarians supported the Bavarian German Empire to take an active part in the war.
In a richly decorated room in Fort Finning, an old man dressed in a blue marshal looked out the window all morning. Like the workers outside, he was also the first person to witness the first snow this year.
"Everything has been carried out according to your orders!" The speaker is still the middle-aged man in a black suit.
"Oh, I know! Go back and report to me if there is anything! " The old man still faces the window and leaves the reporter with an old back.
After the middle-aged man left, the old man finally turned around and there was an elusive expression on his face that seemed difficult and calm.
The bigger the snow outside the window, the bigger it will soon be.
On this day, the first snow fell in Bavaria next door to Wü rttemberg this winter.
In the map of the German Empire, the small kingdom of Wü rttemberg can be regarded as a small country in the southwest, with an area less than one-fifth of Bavaria’s population of more than 200,000, accounting for only three percent of the empire. Stuttgart, the capital of the kingdom, is an industrial center in the southwest of the empire. Since the industrialization in the 1st century, it has gradually formed a large Stuttgart industrial zone, and the kingdom’s economy and industry, especially heavy industry owners, practice civilian military service. There is no navy, no standing army, and six infantry divisions, with about 10,000
Since William II came, the kingdom of this small country has been ruled by the Emperor of the German Empire. However, since the Emperor mainly focused on the foreign affairs of the empire, the daily affairs of the kingdom of Wü rttemberg were managed by the parliament. The training and command of the non-wartime troops were granted by the king and approved by the parliament. Usually, this role will be played by the royal family, as was the case with albrecht, the Duke of Wü rttemberg. However, after the coup in the New Year, the Duke in the wrong place has disappeared from the center of Wü rttemberg Kingdom. Now the royal army is directly led by William III, and the actual command is in the hands
After albrecht, the former Duke of Wü rttemberg, was placed under house arrest, his wife Margaret? Sophie’s three or four daughters still live in Stuttgart Palace and are closely protected by the royal guards. Sophie is the niece of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz josef i, the daughter of Austrian Archduke Karl Ludwig, and the sister of the former emperor Franz Ferdinand. This prominent woman died after giving birth to four Margaret in 19o2, and albrecht has not remarried since then.
As usual, the palace in the southern suburb of Stegart is deserted, and albrecht’s sons and daughters can’t step out of this gorgeous palace even though they are worried about food and clothing.
After lunch, an ordinary-looking carriage stopped at the back door of the palace, and then two people wearing thick windbreakers came from the carriage. One of them looked around and walked quickly into the palace, and soon disappeared into the palace corridor in a hurry.
"Is this really his personal letter?"
The questioner looked quite surprised when he took the letter from the visitor. From the appearance, he was only wearing a set of ordinary 6 military academies in his early twenties, but he was quite noble.
"No doubt!"
Newcomers must have replied that the letter was the writer’s private wax seal.
Thick firewood was burning in the fireplace, so the whole room was very warm, and the snowflakes in the coat of the newcomer soon melted. By the time the young man read the letter carefully and made sure that there was nothing missing, it was nearly a quarter of an hour.
"Mr. Messenger!" The young man rolled up the letter in his hand and said, "please wait a moment, I will discuss it with my brother and then please take our reply back!" "
The newcomer leaned slightly to say yes.
The young man went to the door, thought for a few seconds, and knocked out.
The newcomer rubbed his hands but did not leave his position to go to the fireplace.
About half an hour later, the young people came in together, and there were two other young people in the highlands. Although they had different bodies and armies, these three people were quite similar in face and movement.
"Sir, please tell your host that we don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, even though we are taking great risks!" Young people seem to have made up their minds to "save our father and our country!" "
"My pleasure!" The newcomer bowed a little and then left as quickly as when he came.
When the footsteps disappear, the mouth is smaller. "Brother, do you really want to do this? The enemy is very powerful and we are now inseparable! "
The other also said, "Yes, now that the army is in the hands of that gas general, we have no chance to mobilize!" "
The young man has been frowning since he came in. It can be seen that he had a great ideological struggle before this decision.
"Anyway, this is our only chance! Its humiliation is not as good as a vigorous fight here! " He straightened his collar, straightened his chest and turned his eyes firmly to his two brothers.
"Well, brother, let’s work together!"
The three brothers put their hands together tightly.
"first, we can’t stay stuck in this damn palace!" The oldest one, who is wearing the school army, suggested, "We must inform those officers who are loyal to us to lead troops to save us!"
"Lieutenant Colonel garrison headquarters Kubis Che is my man and Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Boyer, head of the 791st Infantry Regiment!" The youngest person spoke without thinking, although he was the youngest of the three, and he was 19 years old this year. He once took part in the French War with the rank of second lieutenant. Although he was not outstanding in military exploits, he was also praised for his bravery and courage. Although he was a captain of the 6 th Army at this time, his extraordinary status doomed him to do many things beyond the rank.
"The younger brother is good, even garrison headquarters No.2 has been wooed!" A little older this year, the rank of major in the 6 th Army, who is 20 years old, also followed their father to participate in the great war, and made a lot of achievements in the French, but some people accused him of ordering troops to shoot civilians.
"Well, if we don’t work together in Qi Xin now, the last chance will turn into a bubble!" The oldest person said in a reproachful tone that he is 22 years old. Although his school rank is largely based on his aristocratic status, his political skills are much more sophisticated than his younger brothers, which is of course necessary for these royal families to be born.
"Well, I don’t reserve my strength at all!" The major seems a little reluctant, but as his brother said, now they have no choice.
"Well, their actions! After dark, we will move towards freedom and strength! " School clenched hands firmly said
When cold air swept across most of Europe, Berlin, an international metropolis, was still as lively as usual. With the end of the war, business and tourism here were revitalized. Every day, tourists from all over the world came here. They either came to see the "Arc de Triomphe" in Germany or the glorious achievements of the winners.
Since the Kaiser and his wife left the huge palace in the east of the downtown area with a large number of attendants, it seems somewhat deserted. Even the guards and officers in the palace feel relaxed, but Anderes, the 4-year-old heir to the empire, often walks in the imperial garden with his grandmother.
In the southwest corner of this magnificent palace, there is an inconspicuous three-story house, which is called the "Ice Palace". There are few attendants in and out of local mean time except the Guards, so the atmosphere inside is as silent as death. However, there are no people living there, and outsiders are not forbidden to visit. On the contrary, there are two very prominent people living there-Victoria, the widow of the late emperor, and Prince. However, there are few visitors to the "Ice Palace" in the past year.
On this evening, when the guards guarding the palace gate were preparing to close the palace gate, a luxury carriage came slowly from a distance. Although cars were not very popular these days, the Kaiser called on most officials and generals to choose cars when they traveled, which would break down from time to time and were not particularly comfortable. Of course, there are still many nobles and politicians riding in carriages at present, thus forming the "car school" and the "conservative" carriage school.
The carriage has not yet stopped at the entrance of the palace, and the officers on duty know it at a glance, so they dare not neglect to meet them. Although the "car faction" and "carriage faction" are not formal factions and have no definite category, they appear at the entrance of the palace in carriages. Nine of the ten are prominent nobles, and these people are also unwilling to pursue fashion and ride in those cold tin cars
After the carriage door was opened, the officer on duty immediately recognized the identity of the man wearing six armies and fewer generals inside.
"Well, it turned out to be respect for the grand palace! Is there anything else so late? "
Although very respectful, the officer on duty did not forget his duty, knowing that once the palace door is closed, no one is allowed to enter or leave the palace unless ordered by the emperor.
"We have something urgent to see the old queen!"