The short-term plan is to get Lazio club out of the current bankruptcy crisis at any time. The medium-term plan is to restore Lazio to life and become a national competitive team in Serie A. The long-term plan is naturally to regain the championship and become a competitive team in Europe.

Constant victory combined with his prediction of the future thought that if all goes well, Lotito should be able to achieve his short-term goals by the end of March next year.
Because Lotito will reach an agreement with the Italian tax machine after difficult negotiations, and it has been approved by the Consultative Committee of the Import Administration. According to this agreement, the Italian treasury has abandoned the sanctions against Lazio and charged 2.5% interest, which means that Lazio’s debt has been reduced by 33 million euros from 157 million euros to 124 million euros, and this 124 million euros will be repaid in 23 years, with only 6 million euros to be paid every year, but at the cost, Lazio clubs must mortgage some future income and sponsorship of their Flamelo training base.
Six million wins a year feels that if Lazio can reach the Champions League qualifiers steadily every year, it will be easier to do so.
In the medium-term plan and long-term plan, it is always better to believe that anything is possible if you have yourself.
Lotito is very happy with his confidence in winning.
Of course, what pleased him most was that Changsheng gave the team-building policy.
Lazio’s strategy of winning without money now is to buy those who are not famous but are real players first, because they are cheap and their salary requirements are often not too high, so as not to increase Lazio’s burden
Secondly, Changsheng also indicated that Lazio could sell some players to cash in with the start-up funds of the activity transfer.
Both of them are very much to Lotito’s liking, because Lotito’s policy of running Lazio is consistent with his idea of winning constantly.
I didn’t say which players are always winning, and Lotito didn’t ask.
Of course, Changsheng also told Lotito that when Lazio develops, there must be big stars to join us, and we can’t always buy those young players, just like he hired Ronaldinho in Valencia. As a result, Ronaldinho played an important role in the Champions League final
Lotito nodded and agreed that it was no problem.
Lotito is going to make a long-term agreement with Changsheng this time, so that Changsheng can come up with a long-term plan.
Changsheng really wants to have a long-term plan.
Because his ability to predict the future is most suitable for long-term planning, he has worked hard to cultivate players, and he also hopes that he can be as long as possible …
The two sides talked for four hours and finally finalized the willingness of Changsheng to join Lazio.
Lotito said that the two sides can sign the contract tomorrow and press conference the day after tomorrow.
Lotito is well aware of the feud between Changsheng and Rome. As the president of Rome’s arch-rival club, he said that this press conference would be disgusting to Rome.
Chang Sheng couldn’t help laughing-I’ve never seen such an interesting club chairman!
He almost agreed, but he suddenly thought of someone and stopped Lotito from doing so.
The name suddenly popped up in my mind, which he had never thought of before, but it popped up suddenly at this time.
That name is david silva.
He remembered that david silva was in Valencia C team.
In fact, when he was still teaching in Valencia, he had already observed david silva.
It is indeed the david silva of later generations.
But at that time, I was too young and immature in all aspects. There was still a big gap compared with Reyes, and there was no shortage of people on the wing. Ronaldinho, Vicente, Reyes and angulo didn’t have the position of david silva.
The constant victory has never interfered with Silva’s development and allowed him to develop freely in Valencia’s youth team, which has not influenced him. He knows Silva and knows that Silva can grow even if he doesn’t do anything. After that, Silva is in no hurry.
He hopes to pull Silva to the first team when he is more mature, when Vicente should also become a glass man, and the position on the side will be vacated.
But I didn’t think he had come to realize this plan before he left because of the turmoil at the top of the club … This plan was naturally stillborn.
But now he suddenly remembered this person, because he now thinks that david silva is a good bargain if Lazio wants to find a bargain.
In fact, in the summer of 24, Valencia intended to sell david silva.
At that time, Sacchi, a worker in Parma, hoped that Valencia would lend young midfielder Albiol to Parma. At that time, Changsheng had left Valencia’s technical director Marcia told him that Albiol was participating in the European U19 Youth Championship in Switzerland.
So I went to Switzerland for the season. Two weeks later, Sacchi called Marcia "I hope to get david silva". Silva was one of the main players of the Spanish youth team that won the European Youth Football Championship at that time.
At that time, Valencia coach had been replaced by Ranieri Ranieri, who looked down on Silva and agreed to Sacchi’s request.
The two clubs have reached an agreement on the transfer intention. Girba himself admitted that he was going to book Parma, but in the end, the Italian side accepted Valencia’s repurchase price, which led to the breakdown of the final negotiations.
In the end, Silva was loaned to Serie B team ewald by Valencia this season.
Although he did well in ewald, Ranieri still won’t like him.
Chang Sheng can dig Silva from Valencia without spending too much money.
But the former Lazio can’t reveal that Changsheng will become the coach of Lazio, otherwise Sohler and Changsheng will never sell david silva to Changsheng.
Changsheng told Lotito what he thought.
Lotito also thought it was a problem and agreed to the constant victory request.
The two sides can sign the contract first, but don’t make a big announcement. When the time is right, they will call a press conference. At that time, at least david silva will definitely come to Lazio
The two sides talked for four hours and discussed everything and all the details.
Then Lotito left.
God, he will come with the contract, and then he will sign it directly.