Anyan doesn’t even know why he wants to cry.

But those tears just couldn’t be controlled. She went back to her room and took her cell phone and ran to the hospital. She waited for the traffic lights several times, but her eyes were blurred and she couldn’t see the road ahead.
Strange feeling
A bunch of doctors in white coats surrounded the sickbed in Anjin ward, surrounded by all kinds of instruments. Ji Jiing clung to her trembling, put a button on her face and immediately reached out and covered her mouth.
She saw her brother’s fingers moving very slightly, but this was enough to surprise her compared with his reaction in the past seven years.
But Ji Jing and Shen Yan’s face expressions are very dignified. Yan Yan is red-eyed and staring at Shen Yan. "What’s wrong with Shen Dage?" Is he going to wake up soon? "
Shen Yan looked at her pale face and red eyes and nodded "hmm"
An Yan received that smile and looked at her sadly. "Xiaoyan but Smith left-his wife left last night when she was skiing in the Alps yesterday."
An Yan’s eyes are filled with people who frantically move all kinds of instruments in Anjin’s body. She rarely accepts Shen Yan’s even more absurd statement. A vegetative person who has been sleeping for many years suddenly wakes up and is prone to sudden death if he is not handled properly …
How is sudden death possible?
Ji Jing silently shed tears, her eyes filled with despair and looked at the lifeline that bullying was getting weaker and weaker.
At the most critical moment, the most critical person is not there. Anyan severely pinched his finger nails and fell into the palm of his hand, biting his teeth. "I’ll find him and I’ll let him come back."
"Xiaoyan!" Ji Jing looked at it and ran out. Anyan wanted to go out and call her back. Shen Yan took Ji Jing’s arm and shook his head at him.
Ji Jing jerked his hand and cried hoarse. "You know what? If you don’t call her back, maybe she will miss seeing Anjin one last time-"
Yan Yan went to the floor where Xiao Jing’s office was located by taking the president’s ladder from the lobby on the first floor of Anson Group regardless of people.
Can Xiao Jing command but not silence.
So it took her a long time to struggle from the first floor to here, but she was stopped outside the office, just a door away
Section 119
Secret will she stopped "I’m sorry, madam, we always said Xiao would never see you"
An Yan’s cold face pushed her from the woman who would be stuck in front of her, but she didn’t expect to take a detour. The secret didn’t expect her to stabilize her body and eyes with such a push. "Mrs. Xiao always said that she would never see you. Let’s ask you out."
She swept over coldly. "Get out!"
But Xiao Jing really didn’t see her silence at the door, pinching a sticky piece in her palm, closing her eyes and calling Xiao Jing at the office door.
Unexpectedly missed the call.
An Yan bowed his head and smiled lightly, like walking with his last strength "Xiao Jing! Just get back at me. Why do you want Smith back? ! Why do you want him to leave at this time? !”
"Xiao Jing you his mama to old out I killed you at the beginning of the song dynasty come at me, what makes you let Smith go back! Xiao Jing, come out! "
Close the heavy door without any movement.
An Yan put her body on the door panel. Even her father has never been so desperate since he was a child. In the early Song Dynasty, she could directly kill her. What should she do with An Jin?
Everyone knows that Anjin is now the most critical time.
In the office
Qiao Luo looked at the man with a negative hand at the French window, and the man’s back was lonely. Outside, Anyan cursed until he gradually became hoarse and cried. He actually imagined what it would be like for Anyan to cry and make trouble.
In my impression, she is arrogant and domineering, and she has never exposed her ugly behavior in front of people.
But this time Xiao Jing really said nothing.
It’s not like jolo wants to leave, but he won’t leave.
Finally, the man turned around and looked at him blankly. Qiao Luo looked at him hopefully, but the man walked from the French window to the boss’s chair and sat in a very weak voice. "You tell her to go, I can’t see her."
The front door was finally beaten, and the eyes were blurred and the eyes were swollen. I can’t see clearly that the person in front of me can grasp him by feeling. "Xiao Jing, I beg you to get Smith back this time. I beg you-"
That light glance at Qiao Luo was speechless, with her hair hanging freely, her eyes swollen and her face pale and tears almost covering her whole face.
Grabbing his gray suit palm is faint blood. Jolo was shocked and couldn’t help but buckle up. "Madam-"
An Yan still didn’t distinguish between people crying selfishly. "I lost the game. I admit defeat. Xiao Jing, I shouldn’t have forced you to marry me. I was wrong-"