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636 tragedy like a fairy tale angel (3)
The medicine heart stood in the net, and his eyes looked deeply at Nalanqing’s cold eyes and his long hair as white as snow, with a touch of worry.
One day, silk lightly brushed up a medicine bottle and put it in front of her eyes with a hint of complexity. "Maybe you won’t believe me when I say this … Don’t trust people, Xiao Qing. Don’t trust people, including those closest to you …"
A jade vase is placed in front of her with silk control. He is like a spider in a web at this time. He is extremely dangerous but can’t afford to guard against it.
Reaching out and taking the medicine bottle, I sighed lightly, "I said don’t trust people. I’m a royal family, and my poison ability is as good as that of people you know!" "
"Thanks for the warning!" I don’t know why, but she always has a feeling that the drug will not hurt herself.
I didn’t take any precautions. He handed me the medicine bottle
"This is a life-prolonging medicine. I hope it is for you!"
Yao Xin has seen through this statement from a distance. She is in an extremely weak state, so she left this medicine and disappeared directly in front of everyone.
It can be seen that his flying skill is extremely high …
NaLanQing is holding the bottle eyes with a hint of irritability …
It’s biting again!
How many friends do you have to take away before you stop?
What is the life-prolonging drug?
Never heard of it!
Even the ceremonial banquet has never been heard.
But Jika knows.
The only holy medicine in the medicine family!
If you have a breath, you can continue to pull back from the ghost gate.
The medicine clan split into Guigu Yaowang … Guigu clan inherited poison while Yaowang clan inherited medical skills …
Life-prolonging medicine is the treasure of the medicine family.
The required medicinal materials are extremely strict, and even if there is a formula, it may not be prepared. It is difficult to buy a thousand gold.
But Yaoxin gave this to herself …
It’s just …
"Do you still want to kill the ghost slave?"
Medicine heart side a dark who asked a face of cold.
He looked at Na Lanqing and his party and looked at the ghost slave who had already disappeared. He pursed his lips and said, "Kill!"
That person is particularly arrogant and won’t allow such provocative things … Nalan Qingyue will have a stronger fighting spirit if he does this …
It will interest him …
That man’s personality is so gloomy that he has no choice but to go to heaven or hell.
Her personality …
All the ghost slaves must be destroyed, so that the man can’t see the ghost slaves now, which will provoke his anger.
Na Lanqing did not leave an army in the same place and withdrew from Ziyun City. At the same time, Jing Yan also came to her.
Reach out …
"You forgot something!"
What is it?
Na Lanqing puzzled and stretched out his hand. Jing Ji reached out and put a military symbol in her palm. She was one leng …
Jing Mi smiled with a very pleasant smile in her eyes. "I saw your flaming army … very powerful!"
"Where?" Her head tilted and her eyes were cold.
"Win the clan’s charge shield, Long Wei temporarily becomes your cavalry incarnation, your sword … your gunpowder weapon becomes your armor … the Flame Army is a very powerful army … but you seem to lack a’ phase’!"
Na Lanqing looked up in surprise. "You are the duke!"
"No one said that the Lord of the city can’t be a chessboard. If you don’t believe in my ability, can you let me compete with you now?"