It seems that it’s time to ask him, the prime minister with extraordinary ability in Linglan. Isn’t it a living Zhuge? Does she have the ambition to unify the four countries and ascend to the throne as a female emperor? It’s just a fight for these countries. This guy shouldn’t ask anyone about her body.

Seeing the ripple expression on the scenery night, I picked it from my brow. Isn’t that a sign in my eyes that you are not calculating the most? Has this abacus escaped your eyes? It’s only when the latter stares that you look away.
Don’t wait for the scenic night to ask questions and say, "I don’t know"
This time, it’s really unexpected for the Jing Congress to send people here. What is it for? Nanyue country, but the two countries still have a cool country between them. Even if they fight, they have to ask the cool country to borrow the road. But the cool country is not stupid. How can it be borrowed? Then what is it? Financial resources? Material resources? Still a person? However, over the years, Nanyue country has gasped, and it is still a little difficult to ask for these three things. For Nanyue now, he really can’t guess what this Jing country sent too many people to celebrate their birthday.
"Isn’t there a Qin phase? This time is the time for him to come forward. Besides, what are we doing to celebrate our birthday?" Ripple picked up chopsticks in her hand and turned around in circles. Suddenly, she smiled and said that she had not eaten enough.
Wandering scenery night smell speech glances slowly smiled ripples. This is a good saying. The civilian welcomes the civilian situation. That woman Qin Xiang or Yao Ji haha is even more indifferent to their affairs. It is good that they are responsible for watching.
"Eating vegetables, eating vegetables, this partridge is very hot today." On the night of the scenery, I picked up the bowl and smiled.
Chihiro smell speech corners of the mouth also evokes radian, and constantly to ripple bowl cloth food to eat a meal is particularly carefree.
The autumn wind is full of depression, and it will soon lead to winter.
Time flies by, and a month has passed.
The birthday of Emperor Nanyue is also in these days. In the city, all of a sudden, there are lights everywhere, and the jubilation is really celebrated.
The thick red color turned the palace into a piece of glazed red, which made it full of depression and showed a little hot summer vitality in late autumn.
There are still two days before Kitano’s birthday, and it has entered the border of Nanyue a month ago. Mrs. Mochen of Jingguo finally set foot in the core area of Nanyue to burn the city.
Accompanied by the Qin phase, the South Moon State-owned Mingshi Taidian is waiting at the gate of scarlet lacquer city at the moment.
Several ordinary people rushed into the street to get a glimpse of the favored Taidianzhen in Jing State.
The king wants to choose a concubine.
No, don’t hear what the’ strange’ character of Jing Huang loves. I also heard that this very young Taidian was able to write poems and songs at the age of five. At that age, a song of Taiyang Fu shocked Jing Guo. At the age of ten, he had a tongtian collar and strategized to win a thousand miles. It’s not a problem to be a generation of prodigies. At the same time, I also heard that this weak-crowned Taidian is also the first beauty of Jing Guo. Although this is a girl, it is really like this.
Ripples in a quaint small farm house are at ease at the moment, sitting in a lounge chair, squinting like a cat, dozing off next to the matchmaker’s fingers, constantly directing and working on strange white porcelain bottles. Don’t underestimate the contents of these small bottles, but they are all amazed at the good things. That Chufei is even more scared to ripple together and always keep a distance of three meters.
"Girl, today is the day when Taitai Jing went to Huangcheng. Did everyone go to see it?" Matchmaker poured a milky liquid into a spell of pale yellow liquid, and it was really amazing that the two liquids merged and instantly turned into a liquid, and secretly surprised the girl in her heart! Immediately thought of a thing and asked
"What’s the good-looking thing? When the time comes, I’ll meet with people naturally for you." Ripple eyelids didn’t lift a light and asked.
Matchmaker shook her head and said nothing more.
After a long time, the ripple opened her eyes and looked at the clear liquid in the matchmaker’s hand. She smiled slowly. "Very good. It seems that you have mastered the refining method of this drop of destruction." This drop of corrosive liquid is enough to make an adult elephant melt a pool of blood in three seconds. Now the ripple is curious. How did the cherry blossom princess get such a terrible thing? It is even more strange that she didn’t feel much about these medicinal materials, but she was very smooth when she touched them. It seems that these things have been done several times. Ripples is also very puzzled.
"It’s all the girl’s credit." The latter’s smile is the ripple credit, otherwise she can’t figure it out, but I don’t know if it’s her illusion. The more she gets along with the girl, the more she feels like a princess in the past, but she didn’t realize it. Now this feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Whether it’s the style of the seven girls now or something else, it’s really strange to have a princess shadow vaguely.
"Want to come to this South Moon this time? It must be a storm. How many of us are there in the city of Huang?" Ripples rubbed his eyebrows and asked lightly.
"If you add a hermit, there are 1,200 girls who want to" Listen to the ripple question and the matchmaker suddenly wakes up from meditation.
"More than 1,000. I remember that there are more than 6,000 guards in Huangcheng. It’s a big number!" Ripples frowned whispering 1.
"The girl wants it?" Matchmaker night a face of dignified said
"There is a dense forest behind the Kremlin, which is the best way to get into the palace. I want to ambush some people there, but times change."
"The forest behind the Kremlin" the matchmaker growled.
"What’s the matter? Do you know the dense forest behind the Lin Palace?" Look at the slightly changed face. Is there something wrong with the dense forest?
"Hehe, I didn’t think that the princess used to live in the Kremlin before the first snow, but now I think about it with some regrets," said the matchmaker leisurely
"Is that so?" Ripples doubt looking at matchmaker this expression is not the case at all.
It is really a bit blocked by ripples. The matchmaker bullet "seems to have heard that the dense forest behind the Kremlin is haunted."
"haunted?" Ripples eyebrows shook hard. What is this haunted song? In her opinion, it’s more like a trick.
"Yes, I don’t know exactly. The haunted forest behind the Kremlin was still very bad," said the matchmaker lightly
"What did you say about these haunted stories?" Ripple asked
Matchmaker thoughtfully shook her head for a moment. "There is nothing to say. I remember that the princess came all the way back to the palace from Xiliang for a while. After that, it was haunted and dissipated. I think it was what the princess went back to do." Matchmaker said.
"There is such a thing. In this way, it seems that this haunted incident is your princess’s. Now it is not to investigate the haunted incident. You immediately ordered the hermits to gather in the forest behind the Kremlin."
"Girl, all the hermits have gone to the other parts of the city, and there will be no hermits." The matchmaker frowned and said that the incident in the city still needs to be prepared.
"Don’t worry, King Ling Lan, it should be said that it’s me now, and the Black Hawks are always on standby in every corner of the city." Will she not go backward by herself?
"Well, I’m relieved that the girl has already made plans." Matchmaker replied with a sigh, and then fumbled in her arms and took out a piece of black iron wooden card with a face half a slap, engraved with complicated patterns and a number.
"This is the order to the hermit token girl, and I will officially give it to you today." The matchmaker carefully handed the black iron wood card to Ripple.
Ripples nodded and took the hand tightly. "Don’t worry, Hong Gu won’t let you down."
"Ha ha, I naturally trust and admire the girl’s style."
South Moon Kitano’s Birthday Ripple is not interested in going to early search, so I asked her if she would like to go together. She immediately shook her head on that false occasion. She is grateful for being insensitive, but she is interested in whether Yao Ji will take action now that Jing Guotai comes. Hey, hey, it’s a good time for her to move.
Since I went to Xuyang Palace after a long journey, Ripples immediately went in the opposite direction to another place, that is, Black Hawk at Luohe Villa.
Ripples commanded the Black Hawk to return to the palace, and it was already the early hours of the Hua Deng. Of course, today’s palace is far brighter than another day.
Far away, I saw the splendor of the house.
In the past days, the bright starlight was dimmed by this brilliance, and the jubilant atmosphere influenced the whole Nanyue Palace, rendering everything extraordinarily glorious and dazzling.
Ripple nutty nutty mouth toward the relatively cold mountain forest palace.
"Ripples, you are back." Just at Daolin Palace, I saw Chufei turning back and forth like a cat on hot bricks. Seeing ripples was like seeing a wisp of clear spring in the desert.
Invisible frown. What’s wrong with this guy? Didn’t he go with Chihiro early?
"What brings you here? Something? " Ripple asked
"Of course, I’m here waiting for you. The king told you to go to Taihe Palace as soon as you came back."
Taihe Palace is the palace where the Kitano Birthday Banquet was held today. "But what happened?" Ripples frowned and asked, "I can’t do such a reneging thing." I said earlier that I wouldn’t go to see her in the past, but this time I will send someone specially. At the same time, it must be a big deal for her to go.
Chufei listened to the ripples, and a burst of rain or shine was uncertain. "The Emperor of the South Moon will give it to Wang Xuanfei." Chufei said that he was speechless here and believed that the ripples could understand.
Sure enough, a second ripple bash elbows a vertical "choose a concubine to fall away."
"Is the Buddhist looking for a candidate for the queen personally presided over the South Moon Emperor and agreed with this, even if the envoys of the West Cool Kingdom also presented beautiful women to the South Moon Emperor, but they also added something about choosing a princess for the king?" Chufei added.
Ripples nodded corners of the mouth pulled pull Yao Ji heart secretly with malicious Yao Ji good! Isn’t this a challenge to her?
"What did Chihiro say?" Ripple knows that guy is not a submissive person, otherwise the harem would have been enriched when he was in Linglan, or it would have been full before that.
"The king didn’t say what looks bad." ChuFei shout shout said that it was the first time he saw Chihiro show Chu to look at the horror expression like that.