Ling Tian has no woman’s benevolence.

At this time, there is a cave outside Muwei.
Sun Jingnan hit the stone wall with one punch.
Look ferocious and gnash your teeth.
"Ling Tian, I will definitely cut you to pieces!"
Get rid of Ling Tianhou, Sun Jingnan ran for dozens of miles again.
Finally, I was relieved to fight my way out of the beast tide and escape here.
But when he calmed down, the more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.
First, show the enemy’s weakness and sneak attack on Liang Yongshi to win.
Later, he fled all the way with Yun Anxious, and Ling Tian chased after him.
Several shots were turned out to be blocked by him.
This is very unreasonable.
He suddenly realized that he might have been played!
Chapter 734 You don’t have a chance.
Thinking about it, Sun Jingnan felt that there was a possibility-Lingtian was trying to be Smith!
If Ling Tianzhen is that strong, even if he is bent on running away.
It’s impossible to escape so easily.
Unless ling Tian is deliberately releasing water.
Then why did he release water?
Of course, it is because you can’t beat it!
Ling Tiangen is not so strong.
But at that time, his mind was full of pictures of Ling Tian killing Liang Yong, and at that time he panicked.
Sun Jingnan wanted to kill Ling Tian at once.
But I finally held back.
It’s taken so long to go back now. I’m afraid it’s not because people have already laid out tight encirclement.
Just waiting for him to walk into a trap, m
At this time, it is difficult to get on the alert immediately when there are footsteps approaching Sun Jing.
"What happened to Brother Sun calling us here in such a hurry?"
Familiar sounds come from outside.
Sun Jing is difficult to relax to meet.
There are three people here, just like him, who are shaking heaven and earth.
That’s right. shake the sky
Unlike Lingtian, Sun Jingnan does not shake the sky by half a step, but really shakes the sky.
However, all their repairs are piled up through resources.
Compared with the steady breakthrough to shake the heavens, the strength is not as good as it is.
But it’s a little better than Liang Yong’s half-step shaking the sky
To put it bluntly, there is more than enough.
People like them look down on whether they shake heaven or shake it half a step.
But for them, the so-called
It turns out that it is difficult for them to break through to the realm of god.
What’s the dissatisfaction with being able to have the strength to shake the heavens now?
Sun Jing difficult looks pale way
"We failed."
The three men looked at each other and one of them asked
"How could it fail? Is it difficult for the two ambassadors from Licheng to come? "
"Not them"
Sun Jingnan shook his head.
Even though it was embarrassing for him, he said it again in spite of his anger
After hearing the three people frown in succession.
"Brother Sun, even as you said, even if the newcomer named Ling Tian is not as strong as you, we can never look at it!"
"Whether you can take the border town is relatively less important."
"But a potential poor newcomer must not let him continue to grow!"
"Otherwise, what we will face in the future is a monster that is comparable to France!"
Previously visited angry smell speech Sun Jing difficult to react what he missed.