Section 67

The road is light and shallow, and Yu Yi has left Fu Chaoyang and quickly took Zheng Xi away.
The atmosphere is very strange.
An Yan looked at Xiao Jing and ann was playing with toys in the stroller, accompanied by her babbling and asked, "What happened?"
Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and touched ann’s soft hair. "They are crazy. Don’t pay attention to your wife. It’s time for us to go back to rest."
Mrs Xiao wooden nodded "… oh"
Before leaving, ann promised to reach out and hug the stroller. ann’s mouth was warm and smiling. "We Ann didn’t seem to come to mom’s arms all day. Come and hug her."
When the hands were just stretched out, the man held Xiao Jing and looked at his wife and said with a smile, "Hold it when you are tired."
Mrs. Xiao twisted her brow and wondered if Xiao Jing was so spoiled. Isn’t it a madman?
What’s the light road to say that?
This matter is a mystery in the end.
[in ann education]
The road is light and shallow, and it hurts when giving birth to a child. She died and lived for more than half a night, and the child could not be born.
General Ji Yu almost tore off the roof of the hospital, and when he heard the light and shallow road tearing his heart out, General Ji Yu rushed directly to the delivery room.
Seeing that the road is shallow and tortured, I can’t wait to blow up the hospital. I will throw all these obstetricians and gynecologists into the oil pan and fry them once, and then repeatedly bake them on the iron frame.
General manager Yu was so angry that he directly asked the doctor to have a caesarean section. It didn’t take long for the child to have a safe mother.
Anyan came to visit the hospital the next day. It’s a light road.
The road is light and shallow. At this time, it is best to live like a queen. It is best to casually peel oranges and eat while teasing the road. "You are really capable of tossing your mother like you."
The road is light and shallow. Looking at your child at this time is annoying. I quickly closed my eyes and tried my best to call Yu Yi in. "Hurry up and take the child back to the insulation room. It’s too bad. Don’t let me see that I am afraid that I will strangle it directly."
An Yan "…"
This tone scared Yu Zong to say hello to Anyan and to comfort him. When it was too late, he hurriedly and carefully left the ward with his son in his arms.
It’s finally quieter
An Yan threw a petal of orange meat into his mouth and said to the road slowly and lightly, "Oh, the road is light and shallow. I’m telling you, you must never be angry, angry, emotional, angry, or in a bad mood. Otherwise, your skin will get worse, your hair will fall off, your eyes will lose shape, your spirit will be poor, and people with heavy bags under your eyes will get old. Do you know?"
I didn’t listen carefully to this long line of words. She knew that Anyan was scolding her and replied "roll" forcefully.
An Yan narrowed his eyes, smiled, pulled out a tissue and wiped his finger. "Look at what you said when I was ordered by our Mr. Xiao not to play with my mobile phone or my brain?"
"I have a baby for an hour. How about you? If manager Yu didn’t say anything wrong, you were ten times more than me when I was born. "
The road is shallow and my eyes are closed. I’m really not angry, but my tone is not very good. "Let me be an orphan. Please leave now."
An Yan’ s eyes are just the purpose of seeing her ridicule. The road is light and shallow. The delicious food here has also been eaten by An Yan. She got up and patted her ass. "Come on, orphan, I’m leaving."
"Go back and watch cartoons with ann."
Anyan came home. I haven’t seen anyone for the time being. ann is less than three years old, sitting quietly on the sofa in the living room.
Seeing Anyanmen back, ann turned to Anyanmen and said simply, "Mommy wele-homei-love-u".
Anyan changed shoes at the Xuan place and then smiled and said "baby love-u-oo"
Then the conversation stopped, and ann quietly turned her head to continue watching.
When Anyan walked by, the whole person was so scared that he took two steps back behind the woman, and his eyes showed an extremely frightened expression.
Depending on the screen, there is a restricted screen. Of course, depending on the drama, the scale can’t be as big as a moving piece. The hero and heroine are playing kiss, and their eyes are hot no matter how they look.
Anyan was struck by lightning and almost scared out of her heart. She quickly went over and covered ann’s eyes, and took the remote control and gave it to her.
"Mommy, what are you doing?" Ann is silent, and her palms are stuffy.
An Yan put his finger down and looked at ann with a serious expression.