At the same time, the flaming army is divided into teams to hunt Longzhen Kibaki around the capital.
The Ministry of Remnants of Longzhen, who owns the Zionist Iron Certificate, was executed on the spot.
Lurking but not moving, the remnants of the dragon will be arrested directly and sentenced to no intention of restoring the country. However, they will not be sentenced until this matter is over
Brothel teahouse casino inn …
The capital is bloody everywhere, and the people can see the flaming army riding a horse in a red armor all over the capital. Their faces and horses are stained with red to black blood …
It makes people feel as if they are evil spirits crawling out of the sea of blood.
There are bloody killings everywhere.
However, these people have never interfered with the people. At the same time, it is rumored that the Flame Army carried out the orders of the Prime Minister before he died to guard China and kill the dragon.
The people were very scared, but they breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the rumors.
So …
It’s a remnant of killing dragons!
Chapter 1324 The final chapter didn’t expect it to be you (2)
Chapter 1324 The final chapter didn’t expect it to be you (2)
The people were very scared, but they breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the rumors.
So …
It’s a remnant of killing dragons!
The Prime Minister has always been very kind to the people when he was alive. Now it is because the Prime Minister has made great contributions to China.
The orders of the Prime Minister’s adult will never be a problem. This time, the Longzhen Residual Department will be driven out of China.
China is now living a happy life, and we can’t let those people ruin it. We have finally got a stable life.
As soon as the people see the flaming army surrounded a place, people nearby will stare at it carefully, but if they escape without being found, they will shout for help to help the flaming army catch those dragon remnants.
With the Xiao Long list, it’s not difficult to capture those dragons.
Less than three days later, the real remnant of Jackie Chan was either caught or killed … A river of blood did not cause panic.
The survivors came to their holy king in a hurry to seek shelter and told everything at present.
The white man squinted his eyes and tapped his fingers on the desktop, and his eyes shone carelessly.
At present, the situation has reached such a serious level that he hasn’t handed it in, as if everything was in his expectation …
"Very well …"
The man in white said faintly that the people around him didn’t know what had happened. Seeing this man in white directly got up and reached the order "Let the poisonous people do it!"
Directly let the poisonous soldiers make moves, which means that things have reached the last step … In the place, everyone showed a very serious expression, listened to the order and then quickly executed it.
The man in white stretched out his hand and gently stroked the sword in his hand. His eyes flashed and his lips sneered …
Na Lanqing sent a flaming army to keep hunting the remnants of Longzhen, and at the same time, the black butterfly poison in the dark on the other side was spreading …
What the other side like a provocative destroyed one door after another people …
They kill everywhere, which will keep the chickens and dogs nearby and leave the plague seeds to spread the plague …
Na Lanqing killed the remnants of Longzhen for five days, and all the hidden Longzhen staff members on the list were either killed or controlled … Just after she controlled all Longzhen staff members, the black butterfly poison continued to spread.
People are plagues, but they don’t know that all this is poison.
Panic at the same time, Long Ze personally appeared in the disaster area, giving the people a reassurance that he would never give up people.
Win the people’s faith, and at the same time, secretly stay still. The antidote to the black butterfly controls these people’s illness, so that they will not die or immediately remove the black butterfly poison … but help the people to contain Long Zhen.
But the people didn’t know that in Long Ze, their illness was relieved in the past, and they were sheltered by the dragon spirit. Everyone felt awe of Long Ze.
The flaming army made the capital a sea change and wiped out the remnants of Longzhen … Finally, Longzhen Shengwang officially met.
The other side is poisonous, and some of them are extremely destructive and fencing is extremely high.
Let the flame army to deal with it is particularly difficult.
It’s like playing hide-and-seek. You chase me, you chase me, you don’t chase me, you come out and make trouble …
And the dragon king is in the dark …
Na Lanqing was lying in bed, her eyes wide open, and her head was tilted. "Long Ze, why don’t you go fishing?"
"Use me as bait?" Long Ze is white and bitter. Haha blinked.
That’s all he’s worth?
"It is estimated that you can catch it!" Nalan voiced a little cool thin, but he didn’t really want to benefit Long Ze.
"good!" Long Ze didn’t hesitate, but hooked his lips and sneered, "It’s not the same thing that the coach has been hiding when it comes to a game of chess … We will lead him out if he doesn’t come out!"
"I can’t believe that the other party doesn’t act when you go to the imperial tomb to sacrifice in the name of the plague in Beijing …" Na Lanqing hesitated here, "but I’m worried that something will happen to you."
Long Ze rolled over and pressed her. "Don’t worry, man, I’m not that weak!"
"That Dragon King is very strong. You are no match!" Na Lanqing said it was this fact.
"If you’re not an opponent, then you can pick more martial arts skills for me … Yes, give them all to me!" Long Ze won’t make fun of his own life. Who will love Xiaoqinger when he dies?
It is very natural to seek the help of people.
"At present, there is such a thing … I have news that there are about 100,000 frontier troops coming to China. Killing this Dragon King is not a war … it won’t die …"
"It’s a big deal to fight again!" Long Ze didn’t care until he killed the man.
Long Ze bowed their heads and kissed her lips with luster in her eyes; "Xiao Qinger, stop talking about business and let’s sleep!"
"if you want to sleep, go away from me!"
"no!" Long Ze refused directly.
"I like to hold you or I can’t sleep …"
"Where did the overbearing Buddhist master go before I first discovered that you were so clingy?"
"In your heart!"