His warm tone is full of Xu Jin’s inkstone, and the cochlea becomes particularly warm in the closed and narrow room of washing hands.

Two slippers tiptoe against each other Fu Jingxiao bowed his head and leaned his forehead against Xu Jin’s shoulder. "Dr. Xu, I can’t live."
"Ah?" Xu Jin inkstone immediately raised his head to look at him.
He hung all over her like she leaned over, and she could hold others with her arms open, and the faint smell of alcohol spread from him.
It seems that he is not the only one who is drunk, but also himself.
"Then I’ll send you back to your room to rest." Xu Jinyan can carry him and he sticks to her like a tail bear.
"Fu Jingxiao, you lift your feet."
"Fu Jingxiao, your left foot and then your right foot"
Fu Jingxiao listened to her command, and as a result, after walking for a century, he finally got him back to his room to sit down.
"You may collapse and faint when you have a rest before taking a shower." Xu Jinyan put him on the bed and explained.
She turned and wanted to leave.
One second, her wrist was clasped by a strong palm, and she was pulled back, just as her legs landed on his knees.
Xu Jin put his arm around his neck in a conditioned way, and he freed his hand to hug her.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Are you angry?
She was imprisoned by him.
Fu Jingxiao’s head hit her shoulder heavily, breathing slowly and hot, and a few syllables came out of his mouth. "Are you angry?"
Xu Jinyan disguised himself as a good boy, so don’t let this emotion affect him since it is an oolong. At that moment, he took out his mobile phone with her lover, and his doubts were gone.
Girl, that’s all it takes.
It is good to care what the process is and the result is satisfactory.
"Yes" Xu Jin inkstone nodded his head and raised his jaw and pursed his mouth.
"What did I do wrong?" Fu Jingxiao suddenly got up and looked at her whose eyes were full of caution.
Xu Jinyan approached him and muttered, "Of course I am angry with your doctor for not following the doctor’s advice."
Fu Jingxiao nodded vigorously. "I won’t be happy today. I’m so happy." He repeatedly stressed.
She saw it.
It’s not like he didn’t invite her friends to dinner before.
At that time, it was so cold that the low pressure during a meal made Xia Lu say, "Don’t come with the money later to affect your appetite."
It’s not as good as it is today, but it can still blend in with her colleagues.
They have all grown up, and they may have become themselves. They were not used to themselves, but they have become better in the crowd.
"You will always say that you will be punished for drinking. Keep your word?" Xu Jin inkstone hands around his neck loose his body, he looked at face to face.
The smell of alcohol still lingered as if it could get her drunk.
He closed his eyes and stared at his head, especially like a good Samoyed who wanted to touch his head.
Xu Jinyan lowered his eyes. "Then promise me one thing."
"What is it?" He stared at her intently for a few seconds and immediately refused seriously "I won’t agree to break up"
Xu Jinyan admitted that her heart was very insecure.
Fu Jingxiao truthfully expressed his thoughts and made her realize that they were the same person.