Shit, Cesar hasn’t gone back yet! ! ! Ibrahimovic was shocked * When he looked back for Cesar’s figure, he happened to see the Brazilian running desperately from his side to the half of his goal.

However, as soon as the Brazilian ran across the center line, he stopped running and fell to his knees on the Sao Paulo turf. One second before he stopped, Cesar had seen Qinan’s foot appear to fly out of the bottom line, and miraculously made a significant ground motion in the middle of the arc. Then at the scene of Sao Paulo, several almost petrified people’s dull eyes, the ball grazed the crossbar and fell into the Inter Milan goal! ! !
Sao Paulo Stadium suddenly appeared for a few seconds, and after the eerie silence, the stadium suddenly burst into earth-shattering cheers. * After waking up, Naples fans rushed to the front of the stands like crazy, and some hardcore Naples fans were so excited that they were in tears! ! ! ! OAL! ! ! ! Hanging shot! ! ! One foot 65 meters away! ! ! ! Domenica’s stunning shot of Naples locked the championship! ! ! This is a gorgeous shot. This is a sexy shot that will make you cry! ! ! This is also the third goal of Domenica. "Saint" Domenica scored a hat trick and Naples drew the most perfect footnote this perfect season! ! ! It’s a great game that no classic can match. It’s like a classic Italian literary passion film *
Domenica sent us to the last Gao Chao with an ecstasy shot! ! ! This world war I is so classic that you want to paint it and frame it for your grandchildren to pay tribute to it! Champion! ! ! We are already champions! ! ! We were Serie A champions in 1991! ! ! It is we Neapolitans who have finally regained the Serie A championship that we lost for 20 years … 20 years is 20 years, and we have lost 20 years! ! ! ! ! "In the studio of Naples TV Station, Moro’s excited voice became lower and lower *
Until it slowly turned into Moro’s sob, it was over for years, and Moro cried like a child
We are champions! ! !
We are Serie A champions! ! ! ! !
We’re that fuck Serie A champions.
There is no Neapolitan fan sitting in the stands of Sao Paulo Stadium. They are laughing, yelling, jumping and hugging each other crazily.
The fans in Naples gathered in the bar. When Qinan dropped into Inter Milan’s goal, the fans in Naples had already celebrated. * When referee Luo Saidi blew the whistle at the end of the game 30 seconds after Qinan scored, the whole city of Naples became a boiling and happy city.
At the same time, when the referee Luo Saidi’s three sharp whistles sounded, huge noise filled every corner of the stadium. When Neapolitan players and assistant coaches rushed into the stadium to celebrate, the old coach Rhea knelt down beside his coach’s seat.
Serie A Champion I finally won the Serie A championship in my lifetime, which has been tense for more than 90 points. Zhong Xian suddenly loosened his great happiness and buried his head in the green turf of S? o Paulo Stadium. Rhea was already in tears *
On the left of the coach, his arch-enemy Mourinho sat in the visiting coach’s seat. Mourinho knew that he had lost. On this night, on this starry night, he lost Serie A, which had been controlled by Inter Milan for four years in a row.
After staring at him with a complicated expression and still kneeling on the ground, Mourinho didn’t choose to shake hands with the coach because he didn’t want to disturb him and was still immersed in sudden happiness. When Queen’s classic "We are champions" sounded at Sao Paulo Stadium, Mourinho quietly took his Inter Milan away from the home of Naples, which was already crazy. The Portuguese knew that the winner was the protagonist of Sao Paulo Stadium at this time, but unfortunately, the protagonist this night was not him, not his Inter Milan, but Naples, the owner of the city! ! ! !
Mourinho once again looked back at the entrance of the players in the stands, which had been lifted by Napoli players and thrown into the middle to celebrate Rhea. Finally, he fixed his eyes on the center of the crowd and was throwing Rhea into Zhongjina with his teammates.
This will be my most important gold combination in the next few years! ! ! See you next season, Ai Du Yaduo! ! ! And you, Dominica! ! ! Mourinho’s cold eyes flashed a sharp mans. In the overwhelming cheers of Naples fans, the "madman" tightened his black trench coat and turned into the darkness.
At this time, the Sao Paulo Stadium has completed the Neapolitan stage with the exit of Inter Milan fans
The turf of Sao Paulo Stadium has been crowded with several Napoli fans, who are crazy about the players of Naples. In the exclamation of the players of Naples, their jerseys and trousers were quickly divided by these crazy fans, and a hat trick was played in this game. Napoli sealed the victory, and Qinan became their crazy pursuit target, followed by scoring a goal to overtake. Cannavaro was also their main goal.
In the end, after paying the price that the jersey was almost torn, even the sneakers and socks were dragged by some crazy fans, leaving a library to protect the most important parts, Qinan and Grand Cannavaro fled back to the team locker room hand in hand.
Less than ten minutes after the two of them fled back, other Napoli players returned to the dressing room in the same "tragic" way, and everyone’s face was a look of "survivors"
The fans of Naples, Italy, who are famous for their fanaticism on the championship night, let the Naples team members experience their enthusiasm.
This is destined to be a sleepless night! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five We are champions
When the Sao Paulo Stadium was still full of jubilation, a group of Neapolitan locker rooms escaped from danger. "Neapolitan team members have already celebrated!" ! !
"Oh … oh … oh we are champions! ! Hey, we are Serie A champions! "
The lights are on. In the dressing room, two or more Neapolitan players huddle together and celebrate the victory like a group of children, but this scene is really a bit "inappropriate for girls"
It is indeed "not suitable for girls"! ! !
Put it somewhere else, if you see a group of almost naked men huddled together in a room, the first thought that comes to your mind must be to admit that you have entered a promiscuous party and that it is also a gay promiscuous party. If a reporter can break in at this time, he will certainly be able to capture several exciting pictures with his camera. Dominique and the big Cannavaro are hugging each other, and naked Dennis and Lavezzi are "intimately" … He can get a copy of these exciting photos to any newspaper. ! !
There is a Kuzinan left in the dressing room, which is being prepared by Hamsik and Little Cannavaro. Two bottles of champagne are poured from head to toe, and Qinan occasionally fights back, but they get more violent "revenge". Ravizi and Dennis, two Argentines, are hugging each other and jumping, calling gargano and Marjorie to pace with them, clapping and screaming, while others are not much better. Even the big Cannavaro, who has always been elegant and calm, is wearing a library and shaking his hand desperately, then hitting the bottle, spraying golden champagne on the ceiling and flying all over the sky like bright lights. ! ! ! !
What makes everyone can’t help laughing is that Dennis didn’t even wear Ku, and his penis was swinging around his crotch funny, not because he was "exhibitionist" but because he was like this when he came back from Sao Paulo Stadium. His pants were torn off by some excited fans because of the quality! ! ! However, Dennis, who has always been unrestrained, didn’t care about running in and celebrated with his teammates crazily. After all, others are not much different from himself. Almost no one can escape from Sao Paulo Stadium completely. In fact, Qinan and Grand Cannavaro may be even more "miserable" than Dennis if they don’t run fast! ! ! For two people, big Cannavaro and Qinan, who are respectively "Italian mistress killer" and "Italian girl killer", they have no doubt that if they stay outside the stadium for another ten minutes, their penis may be torn off by those crazy female fans.
Now the big Cannavaro and Qinan look at Dennis, and if they are still hanging around, they feel a little worried, while our brain nerves are thicker than cables. Dennis didn’t realize this at all. Now the Argentines are playing with the Hamsik San Crauser again.
This chaotic celebration scene didn’t come to an end until Rhea came in. However, after all the players in Naples saw the "new image" of the coach clearly, it was quiet for five seconds, and everyone’s mouth burst into neat laughter, because the image of the coach is so shocking now.
The original meticulous silver hair has now become a "chicken nest" coach’s fixed wardrobe, and his left sleeve is expensive. I don’t know where he went. At this time, it is more appropriate to say that he is a pair of trousers. The coach is as embarrassed as he is now. Although there is no Dennis naked to shock him, the coach’s "avant-garde" dress at this time is more comic.
It’s a little embarrassing to watch the brothers burst into laughter one by one, and Rhea looked down at the whole body. He was going to deliberately look straight and pretend to severely reprimand this group of heartless brothers, but at this time even he couldn’t put his face up as usual.
Rhea, hey hey, smiled and broke the work first, so the Naples players laughed even more recklessly! !
"Okay, okay, enough laughing, just change my clothes and there is an award ceremony waiting for us to go outside." When my brothers have finished laughing, Rhea’s face is radiant with a relaxed smile and applauds to signal that everyone is ready to see Dennis Ku without wearing anything, and he is still there laughing and slapping the teacher, directly turning the Argentine "tank" into "scrap iron"
"What about the crazy fans outside? I don’t want to run back from the stadium naked again. "Dennis touched and was slapped by the coach." After that, the Argentine also stared around a few times with "bitterness" because his teammates were laughing one by one.
"Not this time. There are already stadium security guards outside to control the situation. Now Naples fans should have almost come to their senses. In fact, it is no wonder that they were so excited just now. After all, we brought a league championship trophy again after 20 years," said Rhea, who was a little emotional here
"Here, on behalf of Naples fans, I also thank you on my own behalf! ! ! Thank you! ! Thank you lovely children, I never thought that my coaching career could have such a glorious moment, and we actually pressed Inter Milan to win the Serie A championship. Thank you again! ! !” The mood has been a little excited. Rhea bowed deeply to the Neapolitan players in front of him. The big Cannavaro and Qinan, who are closest to the coach, quickly stepped forward to hold him up. They can’t afford such a gift! ! !
"Head this is a league champion! ! If we win the European Champions Cup and the World Club Cup, won’t you kneel down and thank us? " As soon as Hamsik’s words were spoken, Rhea finally agreed to create a sad atmosphere and disappeared. There was a burst of laughter again in the locker room.
Rhea’s mouth twitched a few times. It is obvious that he now has the urge to slap the Slovaks to death on the wall. But it is a rare day for the team to win the championship today. If Rhea doesn’t want to kill, Hamsik will have to escape! !
Ten minutes later, when the well-dressed Neapolitan players appeared on the grass of Sao Paulo Stadium again, they had returned to the stands around. Neapolitan fans once again broke out in earth-shattering cheers and whistles to welcome their heroes back to the scene.
At the Grand Cannavaro, Neapolitan players joined hands in a row and came to the stands to bow and thank the Neapolitan fans who have always supported them.
Then meet them is a grand award ceremony.
In the center of Sao Paulo Stadium, a champion podium has already stood there. At the podium, Italian Football Association President Abbett has already been waiting there to accompany the president of Serie A Football Association. In addition to several other football association officials, Napoli President Dellaurentis is among them.
At this time, the film tycoon’s face is full of smiles because his team is at the highest peak of Italian football this night! ! !
"Napoli! ! ! ! !”
"Napoli! ! ! ! !”
Napoli fans in Sao Paulo stadium shouted the name of the team in a neat voice (Napoli is pronounced in Italian). The stadium echoed with the melody of Queen’s classic song "We Are Champions". In this beautiful melody, the president of Naples Club Dellaurentis received the trophy symbolizing the Serie A championship from the president of Italian Football Association Abbett. Ten thousand Napoli fans were present. Dellaurentis handed the trophy to the head coach Rhea, and Rhea kissed it and then handed it to the captain of Naples team. At this time, the atmosphere at Sao Paulo Stadium reached the highest level! ! !
Bang! ! ! ! !
Several sky-blue ribbons and confetti spewed out from the background template behind the podium. In the confetti and ribbons flying all over the sky, Captain Cannavaro of Naples jumped on the podium and lifted the championship trophy with the tsunami cheers of Naples fans! ! !
Champion! ! ! We are the champions.
On the podium, big Cannavaro and his teammates roared loudly. In this almost sky-blue ocean, big Cannavaro couldn’t help crying! ! !
This is his childhood dream. From the first day he entered the Naples youth team, he always dreamed that he would be able to represent Naples on this podium like now and then raise the championship trophy in the crazy cry of several Naples fans.
Today! ! ! Today! ! He finally did it! ! ! All this perfection is like a dream. Cannavaro is afraid that he will wake up. This dream has gone with the wind like this colorful ribbon, but at this time, he really holds the trophy in his hand and tells himself that it is not a dream.
It’s all true! !