Zheng Bo shook his head and said, "I can’t see the difference between these figures even if the gods are induced."

A careful in your heart.
Even Fa Daojun can’t see the flaw in this secret technique. Then he …
"wild arms!"
Hundreds of people can’t tell which one is the real body with their mouths buzzing at the same time!
"Just because you didn’t kill people doesn’t mean you are soft-hearted!"
A hundred ghosts said coldly, "This just proves that you are guilty! Because you know how to size up the situation, you know very well that you dare not be too presumptuous when the Beijiao Daohui Tianjiao gathers and Fa Daojun sits in the town! "
"You didn’t kill anyone because you didn’t dare …"
The ghost road flyover hasn’t finished yet. Su Mo’s eyes are hanging over the road. Lei Guang’s arc body flashes and suddenly rushes towards a figure!
A hundred ghosts are frightened in their hearts.
Ghost with a ferocious face cold flank toward Sue ink culling in the past.
If his brother faces these ghosts, he will either resist or dodge his posture, and his speed will inevitably be affected.
But Su Mo’s speed did not decrease at all, but soared!
The light flashed almost instantly and he came to a figure through these ghosts!
He has long seen through these ghosts. They are illusions. They have no fighting power and are naturally afraid.
And he can find the only true body among the hundreds of ghosts, not by eyesight and knowledge, but by the unpredictable spirit of ghosts and gods!
There is no difference between a hundred ghosts and shadows
But there is a ghost moving the murder, which causes the spirit to feel the warning!
A hundred ghosts change color with horror.
Where did he think that he was so vulnerable before Su Mo, who relied on the hermetic technique?
Escape is extremely fast.
When a hundred ghosts realize that something is wrong, it is no longer necessary to retreat!
Su Mo directly leaned out of the palm of his hand and held the throat of the ghost Taoist directly to pick up the latter!
Hundreds of ghosts are scattered.
With a figure left, Su Mo grabbed her throat and pushed her feet at random.
There was an uproar in the crowd!
Many monks also secretly tell which one is the true identity of the Taoist priest.
A hundred ghosts have already fallen into the hands of Su Mo!
"You are too noisy."
Sue ink expression coldly say
"Don’t you dare kill me, you won’t get away alive!"
The Taoist priest’s face is purple and blue, staring at Su Mo’s throat and making the last sound.
Su Mo’s palm force directly grabs the throat of a hundred ghosts, and the light flashes into the sea where hundreds of ghosts know each other, crushing Yuan Shen!
A hundred ghosts are falling!
When Sumo realized that his concession could not solve the problem, there was another way to go!
"Kill him!"
Yin and ghost’s patriarchal clan system is in harmony with each other, and your face is frosty!
Many monks were already wearing a string and suddenly broke out when they heard this order!
There is Xuanci Mountain sitting on the stone stage, and some metal implements have just been stabbed and sucked by Xuanci Mountain.
Many monks immediately reacted by putting away their instruments or offering some other weapons.
Boom Boom Boom
A series of spells came over.
At this moment, at least 1,000 Taoist priests who returned to the virtual world made moves, and the mana surge was terrible, almost forming a mana tsunami and trying to drown Su Mo and others!
In front of such power, you Lan feels a thrill.
If she wants to be involved, she will die!
Zheng Bo hurriedly protect her toward the periphery recede.
The overwhelming suppression of Mana Tsunami seems to destroy all living things in the battlefield!
Cocoa is pale.
Although she is returning to the virtual world, she has never seen such a terrorist offensive!
She is too small in front of such power, and even if she resists, she will not stir up any waves in this tsunami.
Huang Jinshi, after all, has experienced World War I in Vientiane City, and people can remain calm after seeing big scenes.
"Coco, don’t worry"
Huang Jinshi little comfort way
Su Mo spat Sanskrit, and his hands kept pinching to make sure that his black hair danced. His body condensed into a golden flashing barrier!