Chu Yi nodded slightly. "The teacher elder sister is a concession."

A charming hum Qiong Xiao took a look at Chu Yi and said, "Teacher younger brother, it’s too early for you to be happy."
When you talk, you will see a flash of Bao Guang in Qiong Xiao’s hand and a simple scissors appear in his hand.
A chill came to Chu Yi’s face, and when he looked at it, it was new in his heart. Don’t say that this is the two Lingbao and a golden dumpling scissors run by Yunxiao Sanxian.
Jin Jiao scissors is a powerful treasure, and even a careless word from a strong man may kill this treasure.
At the moment, Joan Xiao offered such a treasure to Chu Yi, which is naturally not careless.
Not far away, watching the sky, Zhao Gong naturally saw this scene in the sky and couldn’t help but realize that "Third Sister is really fooling around and fighting with the same door. How can she make such a weapon!"
Zhao Gong smiled slightly. "Third sister’s sex, if you don’t know it, just makes her suffer a little, otherwise she will suffer a big loss sooner or later!"
Yunxiao couldn’t help worrying, "But Brother Chu, if he can stop Jin Jiao from cutting this treasure!"
On the contrary, Zhao Gong looked at Yunxiao with a cool face and said, "Did Big Sister forget that the teacher had given such treasures to the younger brother?"
Hearing Zhao Gong say this, Yunxiao was first stunned and then reacted with a smile on his face. "Little sister was too nervous, but she forgot that the teacher gave her a treasure to protect her. Third sister’s golden dumpling scissors were really bad, but if the teacher gave her a treasure, she wouldn’t be afraid of it."
Zhao Gong said with a smile, "Third Sister said that this time she would lose."
On the contrary, Qiong Xiao was worried at the moment, saying, "I hope the little younger brother can be affectionate and don’t hurt Third Sister."
Zhao Gong couldn’t help but smile, "It’s better for me to hurt my own hands than to be hurt by outsiders someday."
Yunxiao, Bixiao, if I don’t know Zhao Gong, all this is good for Qiong Xiao, but after listening to his words, I still pouted one by one.
At the moment, I didn’t know that no one was optimistic about her, but Qiong Xiao was holding Jin Jiao’s face and cutting it with a bit of pride and said to Chu Yi, "Do you know this is a thing, younger brother?"
Chu Yi looked solemnly and said, "If the younger brother is not mistaken, does this mean that the Chinese teacher gave Jin Jiao scissors?"
Qiong Xiao nodded and said, "Since younger brother knows this treasure, can you take it if you say that I offer this treasure?"
Chu Yi couldn’t help but be silent when he looked at Qiong Xiao’s smug appearance. He really couldn’t pick up this treasure, even if he practiced the nine-turn Xuangong, but after all, his practice days were short and he didn’t practice the nine-turn Xuangong into a great achievement. It was naturally a delusion that he wanted to physically compete with Jin Jiao to cut such a treasure.
Unless he moves the treasure given by the leader of Tongtian, it is impossible for him to cut the gold dumpling hard with no amount of means.
When Chu Yi was ready to throw in the towel, Zhao Gongyin came to his ear.
When I heard Zhao Gongyin, Chu Yi couldn’t help but show a wry smile and looked up at Qiong Xiao. Chu Yi whispered, "blame your big brother for Qiong Xiao!"
Just as Qiong Xiao gloated and prepared to watch Chu Yi throw in the towel, a sword of light soared into the sky and instantly locked Chu Yi’s golden dumpling scissors in suspension and flew out.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and ninety-one Low profile than Kong Xuan.
Obviously, Qiong Xiao didn’t guard against this point. When Jin Jiao’s scissors were shaken out by Qing Ping’s sword, Qiong Xiao’s face was still somewhat smug.
However, the smugness instantly froze up, and a pretty face was full of astonishment and disbelief. When her eyes fell on the green ping sword in Chu Yi’s hand, her face suddenly changed slightly.
Qiong Xiao, a natural stranger to Qing Ping Jian, is also a disciple of Tongtian Leader who carries a sword with him. I don’t know how many times I have seen Qing Ping Jian.
But it’s the first time I’ve seen Guigui face to face with the green ping sword like this, but it’s the first time I’ve said that when I saw that the sword in Chuyi’s hand was a green ping sword, Qiong Xiao couldn’t help but shout at Chu Yi, "Teacher younger brother, this is so unfair. How can you move the teacher to give you a green ping sword?"
Chu Yi can’t help but smile bitterly. It’s really Qiong Xiao’s idea. He doesn’t know what to do.
Fortunately, at the moment, watching the sky and the Duke of Zhao can’t watch it, he heard the Duke of Zhao yelling at Qiong Xiao, "Third Sister has to stop fooling around."
Qiong Xiao was reprimanded by Zhao Gong, but she didn’t get angry. She left the pie mouth at Zhao Gong and reached the sky. This was a smile and patted Qiong Xiao on the shoulder. "If the third sister loses, you can cut this Lingbao with Jin Jiao. If you can’t move the treasure given by the teacher, besides, if you don’t move Lingbao, you are really no match for your younger brother."
Although Qiong Xiao said that she is pretty, it doesn’t mean that she is really unreasonable. She also knows that she is not necessarily Chu Yi’s opponent without the help of Jin Jiao scissors.
It’s just that some methods were accepted at the moment. Before the meeting, it was said that neither Yunxiao nor Zhao Gong thought highly of her, which made her hold a strong desire to show Yunxiao and Zhao Gong that she was better than Chu Yi.
As a result, I found that I was really hit by Yunxiao and Zhao Gong. He was really no match for Chu Yi, and I couldn’t help but want to use Jin Jiao to cut Chu Yi’s face to maintain my teacher elder sister.
At this moment, Chu Yi put away the green ping sword and said to Qiong Xiao, "Sister Qiong Xiao’s practice is not bad. It’s just that I took advantage of the treasure in my hand. As Sister Qiong Xiao said, if there is no green ping sword facing Sister Qiong Xiao, I am afraid there is a way to surrender."
Zhao Gong laughed. "Teacher younger brother, don’t give this girl Qiong Xiao a chin. I have long said that she will practice her mind. If she can break into the realm of Luo, she will use Lingbao to suppress people."
Zhao Gong shouted at Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao, saying, "Second sister and third sister, if you let your younger brother surpass you, I’ll see how you can be a teacher elder sister."
Zhao Gong’s words put pressure on Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao, but it’s not small that their sister Tongtian leader’s younger brother is really poor, but there was no contrast before, and now there is more Chu Yi, just as Zhao Gong said
If Chu Yi really breaks through Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao first, there will be no glory in their faces.
At Chu Yi, Jiao Hum and Qiong Xiao said, "Teacher Chu, I will definitely break through before you."
Chu Yi smiled and said, "Sister Qiong Xiao will definitely."
Everyone has his own popularity. Maybe it is not impossible for Qiong Xiao to break through in a moment. After all, their own accumulation like Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao has been enough, and they have been unable to find a breakthrough opportunity. Otherwise, their details would have been broken.
Zhao Gong said to Chu Yi a few steps ago, "I’m afraid you didn’t show your strength just now when you played against Third Sister. Let me see your progress over the past few years."
Chu Yi naturally won’t refuse to play against a strong man, especially Zhao Gongxian, who wants to show him a little bit under the pretext of taking the exam. Chu Yi can still see clearly that Chu Yi won’t refuse to be kind to Zhao Gongxian.
Yunxiao and Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao stood outside the circle and shouted at Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao, "You two should also take a look at Brother Chu’s repair."
At this time, Zhao Gong was holding a golden whip in his hand and he struck Chu Yi.
Golden whip across the virtual straight to Chu Yi’s head. If such a blow really hits Chu Yi, even Chu Yi’s head will be ringing off the hook on the spot.
Chu Yi took his time in the face of Zhao Gong’s blow. Seeing the breath revealed by Zhao Gong’s hand, he knew that Zhao Gong was taking an examination of him, not relying on his strong strength to press Chu Yi to put it into practice, which was equivalent to Chu Yi’s.
If Zhao Gong is really a blow, Chu Yi is afraid that even dodging is a problem. It is certain that he will be killed on the spot without the help of the altar of fate.
However, since the Duke of Zhao cast a similar repair to Chu Yi, Chu Yi was afraid of the blow of the Duke of Zhao and immediately clenched his fist and waved his fist in the middle of the golden whip.
Chu Yi, a tough body refined by uniting for nine rounds of Xuangong, is not worried about being punched in the face of Zhao Gong’s golden whip.
I heard Peng Chu-yi feel a stabbing pain from my fist, but I could hear a broken bone.
Being able to practice the physical body to the point where it can be hard and fierce, it can be seen that Chu Yi-jiu turned to Xuangong’s accomplishments. If it is really a great practice, I’m afraid Chu Yi can go hard against Lingbao by his physical body alone.