But generate, the golden sword, came out and pushed Hui God to make his speed soar, and a golden light instantly pulled him away from Su Mo.

"Ha ha!"
Hui Shen laughed, "Su Zhu, thank you for sending me!"
Chapter two thousand one hundred and seventy-one Give you a ride again
Although Hui Shen was coughing up blood in a serious wound, he was still full of pride and did not forget to provoke him after fleeing.
Sue ink sneer at slightly.
Hui Shen’s posture is fast, but he can’t escape him!
Ask him to release Dapeng wings and catch up with them with a few breaths.
Su Mo’s body movement was about to run the secret method to condense Dapeng’s wings, but suddenly when he saw a person, he realized that stopping the secret method was normal to catch up with the past.
Hui Shen also saw this man when he fled.
A Taoist priest walks towards him, his sleeves are free from vulgarity, but it seems quite strange to carry a huge square chessboard behind him.
Hui Shen shines at the moment.
The celestial chess fairy Jun Yu!
After that, he planned to slay Su Zhusuo with the help of Chess Fairy Knife before Qin Xian and Yue Hua Sword Fairy died in Su Zhusuo’s hands.
However, Su Zhuxia fought against Yin here, and he will die, so he hasn’t pushed this matter again.
Now he suddenly saw the chess fairy Yu coming this way. Before that, the stratagem of impeded lives floated to his mind again.
"It seems that this chess fairy Jun Yu already knows that Qin Xian and Yue Hua Jian Xian died in Su Zhu’s hands."
Hui Shen thought again, "This chess fairy may also have come from Suzhu Daoguo."
Su Mo chased Hui God behind him and watched Chess Fairy Jun Yu coming this way. Naturally, Chess Fairy had to deal with Su Mo.
"Your Taoist friend Yu has heard a lot about you."
When the two men came face to face, Hui Shen first said hello and pointed at him. "This man is the thief who killed Qin Xian and Yue Hua Taoist friends. I’ll help you avenge the two Taoist friends in heaven!"
Chess fairy Yu also didn’t talk nonsense. When he didn’t speak a word, he pinched the tactic and imprisoned the avatar when he condensed it.
Hui god heart big can’t help but drink a.
It’s a little unexpected that chess fairy Yu is so decisive.
Yu, the chess fairy, released the avatar first, and after killing Su Zhu, both of them had no avatar.
His chances of winning Daoguo will increase by another point.
"Your Taoist friend Yu is really killing fruit … huh?"
Hui god praise words haven’t say that finish suddenly stopped face a change.
Chess fairy jun Yu’s imprisonment condensed out and didn’t hit Su Mo behind him, but fell towards his hood!
"This …"
“? ? ?”
Hui Shenhao is on guard against a blank face and consternation. Even when he is imprisoned, he fails to understand what this is all about.
Qi Xian Jun Yu Avatar hit the wrong person?
How can you make a wrong number when you practice this step?
Is this chess fairy Jun Yu trying to kill Suzhu Daoguo alone with me?
It must be so!
Looking at such an extraordinary Taoist, I didn’t expect my mind to be so cruel and vicious!
Just then, Qi Xian Jun Yu seemed to see that Hui Shen was confused and pointed to Su Mo’s faint mouth not far away. "I know that man very well …"
Hui god suddenly stare big eyes was livid one mouthful blood stasis chest.
I’m afraid it would have gushed out if it hadn’t been locked up by time!
Chess fairy Yu picked the chessboard behind him and was about to shoot Hui Shen to death. Su Mo suddenly sounded leisurely.
"Hui does not thank"
Sumo said, "I’ll give you another ride."
Hui Shen’s’ thank you for sending’ voice seems to have just fallen, and Su Mo’s response came soon.
Taiyi dusted 3,000 white silk suddenly condensed as if it were sharper than a pike and instantly melted into the back of Hui Shen’s head.
Taiyi dusting belongs to the special weapon, which combines rigidity with softness.
This is the protoss flesh blood can not resist.
Hui Shen knows the sea instantly and is pierced by Yuan Shen’s silence and death!
A generation of gods didn’t even come to sacrifice the Mukden token and died in the battlefield of evil spirits!
Taiyi dusted the dust, and Bai Si rolled up the Hui Shen Yao Feng Tian token.
This is the token of Hui Shen Fengtian, and Su Mo method urges him to leave the evil battlefield.
But tokens have a lot of military exploits.
After leaving the evil battlefield, Su Mo can regain a Mukden token and transfer all the meritorious deeds of Hui token to his Mukden token.
Actually, the chess fairy Yu can kill Hui Shen.
But Su Mo intends to take the lead.
Now the situation is that the chess fairy Yu has offended the protoss by trapping Hui Shen on his side.
If we let Chess Fairy personally kill the Hui protoss again, all the hatred and anger will be vented to her!
Su Mo heard that this issue of chess fairy Jun Yu came to Fengtian and there was no fairy king to escort him.