"Is it really a big population letter?"

The guard nodded, "It’s true that when Lord Lin left, he specially told me that those ninjas failed to attack the city and worried that the princess would go to the city immediately if she was desperate." The man said that the Royal Guards nodded repeatedly and the situation was urgent and did not realize the flaw inside.
This guard is a person, and there is nothing wrong with speaking a big language. Only when he speaks a big language fluently can these security guards understand what the guard says.
If an ordinary guard knows a big language, the Royal Guards will nod "or inform Lord Lu first".
There was a creak at the door, and a man came out. It was Liu Junlinfeng who took the flying Yanliu Ernian to the city to leave Lu Jun to protect the princess. Seeing that Liu Junxin, a security guard, said what had just happened again.
Lu Jun nodded and fixed his eyes on the man, especially on his face. The look of the guard remained the same. He also looked at Lu Jun, whose eyes were opposite to Lu Jun’s mouth and smiled. "Since it is an adult’s order, of course, the princess can be invited."
At this time, the door is ringing with the sound of Lu Jun, and one person walks out of it with all his clothes showing luxury. It is the princess Yan who has come a long way. "My Lord invites the princess to the city."
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Yi Shu duel
The weak light of the torch came to the other hall to deliver the letter. The guard couldn’t help but look up and walk out of the princess Yan from the inside. Lu Jun also looked at him. Maybe she should be called.
Princess Yan appears to be in charge of guarding the Royal Guards. It’s a small step to step back with the guards in front, and it’s inclined to cross, so that the distance from Princess Yan can be shortened to the maximum extent without getting in the way.
Don’t underestimate this small step. Every detail of the ninja should be considered, and the shot must be a hit, and then it’s time to wake up and leave yourself a chance. Once you lose it, you will probably die there.
Lu Jun’s position is on the other side. If this guard makes a sudden move, Genfa will make a sudden move unless Lu Jun is ready.
Danger is at hand. At this time, the Royal Guards didn’t notice that Princess Yan was carefully guarded and took a step forward. Lu Jun’s side gently pushed Princess Yan’s waist for a moment. This was beyond everyone’s expectation. The guard didn’t expect that this identity spoiled big princess to fall in front of himself.
This is an excellent opportunity to wait for the opportunity to guard the body forward and try to catch the illusion. There is a poisonous needle hidden at the fingertips, which is so fine that it can be seen by the naked eye. Not only is it fine, but the poison should be gently stabbed to see the blood, so it will kill you.
It’s so simple for a ninja to kill someone.
Just as the guard approached at the same time, a figure rushed out of the finger from the side, and quickly screamed at the close guard. The finger quickly appeared in front of him, and the other party was faster. If you force your hand, the distance may not be able to stab, but you will definitely hurt the other party’s finger.
Guard stretched out his arm and quickly retracted or slowed down a step. The wrist position was pointed by Lu Jun’s finger from the wrist to the whole arm and suddenly there were pins and needles.
At this time, the Royal Guards held a weapon to protect the princess Yan Lu Jun and looked at the man with a cold face. "Who are you?"
"Lord Lin asked me to deliver a letter to escort the princess to the city."
At that moment, the guard arm was numb, and Lu Jun’s fingers clicked for a short time, and one arm lost its fighting power. Even so, the facial expression did not change at all, and it was a ninja who was proficient in change.
Lu Jun shook his head. "Your abacus is good, but it’s a pity that you can never guess my adult’s mind." Lu Jun sneered at first sight and judged that this person was a ninja dressed as a killer. It was intended to approach in this way to hurt Princess Lu Jun.
"What is it?"
Lu Jun looked at the man. "When the adults left, they told me that this is the safest place. If anyone comes, it must be a ninja."
At this time, the guard’s face changed slightly. I didn’t think that I thought I was clever enough to finish the forest wind calculation. "Since this is the case, why do you want the princess to appear? Is it just to attract me?"
Pretending to be a guard ninja, he looks puzzled at this time. Since this person already knows his identity, why should he take such a risk? If that person had been faster, this big princess would have died.
"Adult metasomatism is a good technique for you. Unfortunately, there are still many flaws. It must be a hasty situation to complete a man’s face. Even if you lower your head, I still see that your neck has no Adam’s apple. The skin at the corner of your face has a certain overlap. You can see at a glance that you are a woman." Lu Jun is an old man who is such a master of patience and deceives Li Chenggui, but before Lu Jun, it is full of flaws. "Stand back and hold your breath."
A white smoke rises in front of you in an instant. This is a ninja’s usual method. Most of the white smoke is mixed with ecstasy, which makes it easy to escape when it fails, and it can also attack opponents.
A figure approaching in the white smoke is the woman named Demon Ji holding a dagger and heading straight for Princess Yan to stab Liu Junru. The woman was surprised that her hands were wrapped around each other’s arms like snakes. I didn’t think that there was such a master around Lin Feng as my carelessness.
The short-term method of one arm makes the other arm entangled in Lu Jun’s wrist at this time. Lu Jun’s fingers are extremely flexible. At this time, she points to the position of a woman’s wrist like a snake head. The woman has to give up her arm and retract it quickly. If even this wrist is abolished, it will be a complete failure
At this moment, when the white smoke dispersed, the Royal Guards saw that the women looked very beautiful. Even so, the situation still showed some charm. "You are very good, so you are too inferior to come back with me. The general will be heavy."
Lu Jun sneered, "I don’t know if you are naive or ashamed. I’m a big man and I’ll never do such a traitorous thing." Lu Jun was furious and rushed out of the female ninja named Demon Ji, knowing that she was not the seemingly thin man in front of her. There was no way for her opponent to retreat first and then think of some way to hit white smoke again here.
Lu Jun can’t help but wonder whether there is toxic smoke hidden in the white smoke. At that moment, the distance from the female ninja is very close. At that moment, the white smoke rises. Lu Jun’s body retreats and his hands continuously hit a stuffy hum in the distance. Lu Jun hit hidden weapons and hurt each other.
The white smoke dispersed, and the female ninja had long since disappeared. Lu Jun breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the adults gave an account, and there was only one more mind’s eye. Although this female ninja’s easy operation is not high, it is difficult for others to see the flaw if it is not their own.
"No one can get close until the adults come back."
The door hit princess Yan deeply and walked quickly into Liu Junsui’s door again. There was a man sitting inside who saw someone coming in and getting up. At this moment, two people were exactly the same. If you were seen by a ninja just now, you would regret it even more. Of course, Lu Jun knew it.
It’s not wrong for Princess Yan to walk in from the outside and salute the woman in front of her. It’s really strange for big princess to look at the maid in front of her and become exactly like herself. At this time, she looks at herself in the mirror.
"Her adult lu hard you"
Lu Jun upon "it’s all a princess. Please forgive me if I borrow her identity."
"Don’t worry about Lu’s adult, we must ensure that her is safe. We are like sisters. I really don’t want to see her have an accident." Princess Yan also said that the killer’s goal is to change his identity with the maid at this time, which is equivalent to adding danger to the personal servant girl.
"Princess rest assured that Lu Jun will try her best to make sure that no matter whether it is a princess or a girl on her, nothing will happen." Lu Jun flicker came to the door and nothing happened outside the ear veneer, and finally she was relieved.
At this moment, I finally figured out what Lu Jun had done at that moment, and the princess Yan Yao got it. At that time, it was just the maid who was easy to get close to her. Of course, Liu Junyou was seventy percent sure that he caught all the offensives when he made moves.
Don’t show a figure in a dark corner outside the museum. The chest position reveals blood. It was just when the ninja retreated that he didn’t expect the man to play so closely. hidden weapons had avoided the chest position for the first time or was hit by someone.
The woman covered her chest and glanced at the street corner. At this time, those people must have reached the water’s edge. Instead, they thought of it more safely. Instead of running to the city, they turned around and disappeared.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-six Dock fight
Horseshoe bursts of Li Fangyuan and Lin Feng rush to the dock. At this time, Zheng Dao and his party have been away for some time. Arriving as soon as possible is surrounded by thorns on both sides of the path. Those ninjas have been strictly trained since childhood. Of course, they are not afraid, but they are bitter. Zheng Dao has no horse and no sedan chair and is crawling around by two ninjas.
"I can’t climb after a break."
Zheng Dao directly turned to the ghost-faced swordsman and looked coldly. "If Zheng Daren wants to be caught back by the North Korean king, I won’t mind throwing you here." The voice was cold and looked at the collapsed Zheng Dao’s words. No matter what his status and status were, a man can only gain respect if he has a strong body and the ability to kill his opponent
This must be realized by Zheng Dao’s hands on the ground. "Don’t forget who helped you so much, and now I’m down and out, so treat me." Zheng Dao’s heart is really gone when he gets angry with the ghost-faced swordsman. If he hadn’t listened to him, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to do it. Li Chenggui is old, so it’s much easier to help Li Fangshuo to be king and deal with Li Fangshuo in a few years.
"If I hadn’t missed my heart, I would have killed you like a dead dog. There are two kinds of men, one is a waste, and the other is a man who can get up by himself after falling down." The ghost-faced knife crouched down and grabbed Zheng Dao’s collar, then slowly picked up "To die or to get up, you choose." The ghost-faced man pushed Zheng Dao to the ground with his arm.
In the face of these guys, Zheng Dao has no way to blame himself for being fooled. The younger generation finally capsized in the gutter, and there is no way to get up from the ground and drag their tired bodies behind.
There is nothing wrong with seeing the dock from the top of the mountain. It can save an hour from here. An hour is important for those who flee for their lives. If you want to leave the dock, there will be no trouble when you get to the water.
The ghost-faced swordsman took a deep breath. Zheng Dao was dragged from the face and his clothes were covered with thorns. Many places were bleeding out. At that time, it was hard to imagine that there was no way to send people to the fence at this time and there was a dead end.
There are two boats parked on the surface of the dock near the eyes. The ghost-faced swordsman laughed. "It’s hard to talk about success or failure for a while. Soon, the general army will have a big step here waiting for me. Your life is mine."
A group of people went straight to the dock and Zheng Dao was carried by people, except breathing. At this time, it was no different from a dead person. As those ninjas said, it was a pool of mud in the ghost face. Knights took a fancy to this person. Even if they failed today and left, the operating forces were very familiar with North Korea’s protection over the years. With this person, North Korea’s door will always be closed.
Horseshoe close to windson and Li Fangyuan led the cavalry to catch up with the horse speed from the road to the dock, just to see those black shadows running to the dock.
"Lord Lin’s"
"Come on, don’t let these people ship."
They repeatedly urged the horses to raise their hooves and raise the distance between the two sides. Those people have found that the cavalry behind them look back from time to time. At this time, it will take some time for the dock to board the boat.
"Stop these people with Zheng Da-ren’s boat" At this time, Zheng Daoyi suspected that it would be impossible to capture a treasure of North Korea in the future. It is not impossible to attack North Korea with a few elite troops from inside if we can secretly call the old army again.
The ghost-faced swordsman ordered the black dress person to stop behind him. The machete man’s eyes were cold. He stared at the back and approached the cavalry. The ghost-faced swordsman snorted and the boat was in front of him.
"Rush over"
Li Fangyuan shook his big gun in his hand, raised his big gun in his hands and went straight to a ninja’s head to hit it. At this time, he completely played the imposing manner, not only the cavalry behind Li Fangyuan was equally brave, but also the windson. These people have seen windson kill a ninja with their own eyes.