Carlos roared.

"Mr. Carlos, there seems to be something wrong with your memory. Your life is healthy. I suggest you go to the medical school for a checkup."
Kama’s mechanical awakening has said before that Professor Ibuprofen watched the battle "and if you need me to report these things, I can modify some programs myself to achieve the mode you need"
Anfensi rubbed his eyebrows and raised his hand to make Carlos calm down. "Kumar’s recent key period is too complicated and the possibility is extremely low, so I won’t report it, but you list all those threats with one percent probability and report them to me regularly."
"According to your will, the program will reset the report in ten seconds and send it to your personal interface."
Kama is very efficient, and has self-modified the program when speaking. Its highest intelligent computing combined learning ability includes self-modification.
"These yellow-skinned monkeys are not well-intentioned. They are really coming for the artificial fairy gods. So do we still arrange for Lu Chen to fight with the gods?"
An intellectual research giant said that he wanted everyone to discuss one.
"Of course you fight."
Carlos sneered that "the probability of Lu Chen releasing water is also thirteen percent, and he may not necessarily come for the artificial fairy. Even if he wants to teach the gods some bad fighting methods, the gods can correct themselves and abandon the wrong fighting data. They are totally delusional and underestimate Kumar’s computing power."
Anfensi looked at the faint picture in the big fight yard and said, "Don’t really treat people like stupid Rand. We will see what we want before the game. If Liu Chen really comes at the artificial fairy, he must be sure."
Chapter one thousand and forty-nine Tianhua Lu? I forgot all about it.
Anfensi continued, "Although there is a saying that the dead star will say that the secret blood fighters of Wushen Mountain are reckless, even among humans, they belong to the worst kind of brain, but this is a rumor, but the secret blood fighters don’t think much about it if they can fight with strong force."
He raised his hand on the big screen and appeared an image of a young man who looked a little similar to Lu Chen’s face, but more rugged and stood with his hands in a black robe.
The man wears a pair of glasses on his face to cover his rough temperament, and he still holds a technology tablet in his hand like an academic researcher.
"Who is this?"
The intellectuals in the field don’t know the picture. The life span of men’s intellectuals is 3,000 years, and it’s not just a matter of knowing what they can do. They need immortal artificial intelligence like Kama.
"This man is a secret blood fighter. He once obtained the highest bachelor’s degree in the study of ancient stars, and was invited to enter the Supreme Research Institute, but he refused."
Anfensi said lightly, "At that time, his mentor was my ancestor in this series."
If he is an intellectual, I’m afraid he will be surprised when he hears Amphines’ words, because the intellectual don’t know their parents.
In fact, a few intellectuals who know the truth in the highest circle know the source of their own gene sequence.
The universe contains the highest 43 gene sequences, from which each generation will select successors to give birth to new wisdom families, and these wisdom families will enter the highest level of Chengzhi family in the Supreme Research Institute.