"Come on, my head is coming out." The midwife’s face was pleased and she cheered again at Kate, who was panting constantly.

Kate shouted once again
Mark’s face grew more melancholy.
Looking at it, it has become like a chicken claw. Mark, the left hand, is deeply disappointed.
People say that the pain level can be divided into ten grades.
The first level is mosquito bite.
Level 10 is the delivery of pregnant women.
What kind of pain does he have now?
Just then.
Mark’s eyes grew sadder when he looked at Carla’s delivery …
Chapter 621 Mark’s anger
How strong is an earth kryptonian general?
How powerful can a family be a wizard?
When he was released, the local theory was that kryptonian generals or family wizards could be independent
But eyes?
What Irina Kaptelova and Anglis face is a demon who escapes from hell.
Although the gluttony demon belongs to a low level
But kryptonian general Irina Kaptelova’s physical attack and family wizard Anglis’s magical attack bombarded the gluttony demon, but the pig’s head monster was like a stone thrown into the river, and it was calm after splashing ripples …
The battle scene on the top floor of Elizabeth VIP building has come to a standstill.
What Kara, Irina Kaptelova and Anglis can do is to keep the gluttony demon in front of them away from the operating room.
This is just over a minute.
The top floor building has become a ruin except for the private operating room.
Wow, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The stereo keeps ringing.
"Sir, the ladder is broken."
"Shetty stairs".
Hank Henshaw, disguised as a Mars hunter, said with a direct expression, and immediately took the lead in the emergency passage and ran like the wind towards the sixty-fifth floor …
When we reach that third floor
Hank Henshaw has got rid of the super-investigation bureau fighters, and then his body first turned into a red storm and shuttled through the corridor.
Hank Henshaw may not be able to climb the stairs from the first floor to the sixty-fifth floor in ten seconds.
But Ron Rongzko, the Mars hunter,
After the Mars hunter crashed into the emergency passage on the sixty-fifth floor, he saw that the gluttony demon with almost the ceiling on his head couldn’t help but debut. "What is this?" Pig head star? "
Join hands with Irina Kaptelova to repel the gluttony demon Carla once again. She turns to Ron and says with surprise, "Hank, help this thing. It wants to enter the operating room."
"Where’s Mark? The self-proclaimed … What about Mark? "The Mars hunter came to say hades, but saw Irina Kaptelova’s desire for survival return instantly.
Ron Rongzi, a Mars hunter, or Hank Henshaw, the director of the Super Search Bureau, are among the few people who know that Irina Kaptelova and the underworld have a grudge.
Like everyone else
Hank doesn’t want to get involved in this kind of thing either
Mark may have no idea about Irina Kaptelova.
But for him?