There was a burst of laughter around when I heard this sentence.

In the past, the clan was bigger than the dimly discernible peak brother, and no one had ever been able to make a name for himself on the list of Dan and Qi.
Dimly discernible peak alchemist and refiner all eyes is a joke.
Hear around laughing at dimly discernible peak all look pale.
The crimson robe man smiled and continued to ask, "So you are a symbol maker?"
Xue Yi Avenue "I am not afraid to let you know that I am the refiner to participate in the refining process this time!"
The crimson robe male voice stretched out to reveal a sudden smile and said, "So you are a refiner or a dimly discernible peak refiner."
Everyone can hear the ridicule in the tone of the crimson robe man.
The crimson robe man added, "What a coincidence! Tao Feng is also a refiner."
"It turns out that he is Tao Feng!"
"Who is Tao Feng?"
"The first refiner of True Fire Gate has successfully refined a spiritual device at the age of 30, and he is already a senior refiner!"
"Now it is said that this Tao Feng Taoist friend is the first person in the younger generation!"
Listening to the discussion in the crowd, I felt the admiration of the monks nearby. Tao Feng had a smile in his eyes, and he raised his eyes slightly and looked at Xue Yi with pride and provocation.
"What’s the name of this Taoist friend? I don’t know what order spirit can be refined?"
Xue Yi blushed without saying anything.
His ability to refine the lingqi can’t even refine the lingqi. Compared with Taofeng in front of him, it is a far cry from nature.
Tao Feng eyebrows a pick hissing way "turned out to be a celebrity"
"You …" Xue Yi glared.
"What’s there to be proud of?"
Xiao pang pouted, "Mr. Mo, the first refiner in Zhou Dynasty, has achieved so much that he is a hundred times better than you. You really have the ability to compare with Mr. Mo!"
Tao Feng proudly said, "Mr. Yan Mo is then a real person who must have lived for hundreds of years. I dare say that Mr. Mo will never reach my achievement at my age!"
Field monks are qualified to refute.
"In addition …"
Looked at Xue Yi TaoFeng sneer at a way "you also deserve to call refining division? I advise you not to jump out and make a fool of yourself in the future. Go back and stay! "
"I grass …" Xiao pang is about to swear with a rush of blood.
"Little brother!"
Next to Ji all frowned and pulled into a grumpy chubby shook his head. "Come on, don’t argue with them. Let’s … Alas."
Hear Ji sigh dimly discernible peak all day long, and they are all silent to have a strong feeling in my heart.
Anyway, nowadays dimly discernible peak is really inferior to others.
Seeing this scene, Tao Feng was even more proud and laughed on his back. "What a big joke!"
"Who said the ethereal peak refiner?"
At this time, another sound sounded in the crowd, giving a faint hint of Jinge’s war!
Chapter three hundred and fifty You are not qualified.
Many monks have raised eyebrows to show curiosity and looked around.
Hearing this, Xiao Pang, Lengrou and Xue Yi all took one look at each other and flashed a trace of confusion.
Pause a little chubby and suddenly stare big eyes and shout "it’s big brother!"
Cold and soft look, a wave in my eyes
There is one person in Xiao Pang’s mouth, and that is Su Mo!
Cold and soft, naturally, people can hear that Sumo is very similar, but it’s impossible. Sumo has …
With a hint of expectation, a little uneasy and dimly discernible peak, everyone turned to look.
Not far away, a blue monk came up from the crowd, with a dimly discernible peak clan token hanging around his waist, and he was full of air like a weak student.
But it happened that the blue monk in the crowded crowd walked all the way around, but all the monks gave in consciously.
It seems that this blue monk has a compelling aura!
After he walked over, they didn’t react, and they were puzzled. I don’t know how I just let him go.
At this time, the cold, soft, indifferent mind is also a big change in look, and I exclaimed and hurriedly put my hand over my lips.
Ji was stuck in his eyes all day, full of unbelievable colors.
"Brother Susu, are you still alive?" Xue Yiyin trembled and looked excited.
Xiao Pang squeezed the crowd and blinked and rushed to Su Mo’s front, pounding Su Mo’s chest and making a stupid grin. "Is it true? Hahahahaha!"
Sue ink smiled eyes from cold soft, Xue Yi, ji all day a few people nodded.
Although I had inquired about the results of the first world war in Dongling Valley, when I really saw that there were only a few people on Zongmen’s trip, Su Mo gave birth to a trace of sadness in his heart.