King Jinlun said, "Does Khan want to see Mr. Chen?"

Torre shook his head. "I came to Xiangyang with a Mongolian army. Mr. Chen is a Han Chinese. He may not know whether I can cure the disease or not. I don’t care. I want to meet him …"
Mr. Chen, the great achiever of Buddhism, who thought that he was a saint in the western regions, hit a wall and returned.
Torre wonder what kind of person Mr. Chen really is.
King Jinlun hesitated and said, "Mr. Khan’s martial arts are too horrible. I’m afraid he will be bad for Khan."
Torre laughed. "Mr. Chen let Buddhist go several times. I think he’s not a killer. Let’s go and take me to see him."
King Jinlun nodded "Yes"
When they came to Torre, the Chen family private school, they found that people had already gone to the house here.
There is no school to read.
King Jinlun said, "In order to avoid the Mongolian army, Mr. Chen and the students have moved away from Khan. Let me take you to Mr. Chen’s yard."
Torre nodded "good"
Torre suddenly felt relaxed when he entered the photo yard, and his mind was clear and his breathing was unobstructed. He seemed to be young again.
King Jinlunfa came to the yard for the first time and felt the magic of the yard once.
"It’s amazing," Torre said. "The yard and the outside are simply two different worlds. I’m living in this yard instead of a tent these days."
King Jinlun nodded and said, "It should be so. This small courtyard was built by Mr. Chen. It is amazing, suitable for self-cultivation and sweating. Living here is good for your health."
Torre’s heart rekindled the hope of living and going.
Because this small courtyard is really amazing, it is not only simple, exquisite and beautiful, but also makes people feel happy, relaxed, and the blood runs smoothly. If you live here all the time, maybe your body will gradually recover.
The idea is good
Unfortunately, after living in Torre’s small courtyard for less than three days, the magical effect of the small courtyard completely disappeared and became an ordinary small courtyard.
Torre was shocked and angry, and quickly invited King Jinlun to ask, "Has the magical effect disappeared in the small courtyard of the Buddhist school?"
King Jinlun said regretfully, "Khan, several Mongolian cavalry private schools looted and moved a few stone pillars outside the yard …"
The layout of daoist magic is very rigorous and fine, and it must not be destroyed at all.
Mongols are used to burning, killing and looting. Of course they want to take away good things when they see them.
A few stone pillars outside the small courtyard depict a lot of quaint patterns, which are very beautiful. The Mongols want to take them away and tear them down.
However, they don’t know that these stone pillars are an important part of building a small courtyard daoist magic. Once the small courtyard is moved, the gas field and magnetic field will be destroyed.
The construction of the "harmony between man and nature" environment in the small courtyard naturally disappeared.
Torre came out of the yard and said to the Mongolian cavalry with anger, "Put the stone pillar back intact!" "
King Jinlun shook his head and said, "Once the Great Khan Pillar is passive, you can’t put it back unless Mr. Chen personally does it."
Daoist magic abstruse is they these uneducated people can white? Mongols are good at burning, killing and looting, so it is impossible for them to build daoist magic array law root.
Torre spit out a mouthful of blood and pointed at the Mongolian cavalry who moved the stone pillars and roared, "Kill them!"
If the small courtyard daoist magic array is not destroyed, Torre will live in it for a few more years.
The yard may be his chance.
Unfortunately, Torre’s chance was broken by several Mongolian cavalry.
It’s meaningless for Torre to kill many people now.
He can wait to die
Torre’s southern expedition did not give orders to the major tribes not to burn, kill and plunder.
This may be karma.
Chapter 194 Aunt is getting married
Chen Yan came to the unfeeling valley just as Gongsun Zhi hosted a wedding banquet.
When doing also recognized that Gongsun Zhi was going to marry Gongsun Lve and find Gongsun Lve to know the news, he knew that the root was not the case.
It was Gongsun Zhi who planned to get married herself.
On second thought, Gongsun Zhi doesn’t even intend to recognize Gongsun Lve, the daughter. He certainly won’t worry about Gongsun Lve’s marriage. The whole unfeeling valley is so lavishly hosting a wedding banquet. Who else can make such a big noise and ostentation besides his main marriage in the valley?
Chen Yan sat in Gongsun Lve Courtyard drinking tea.