Of course, Su Mo does not doubt that Nianqi has ulterior motives.

Although Nian Qi intentionally conceals the origin of her life, she is a simple and kind girl who has no malice towards him or dimly discernible peak.
Who has no secrets?
Su Mo has it himself.
He won’t talk to others casually if he practices demon!
Su Mo spit out a long breath and put it around for a while to relax before returning to the new abode of fairies and immortals.
Sumo is ready to continue to attack Dandao and condense the elixir!
Now, although he has cultivated Dan’s soaring strength, the eyes of the public dare not recklessly encourage Dan Li to demonize and kill the enemy.
Only when a fairy path enters the realm of the elixir can it be regarded as a real elixir!
And Su Mo is looking forward to how he will cultivate the vision of then!
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Layout wai kill
Bixia Palace Cangwu Mountain
An old man in a red robe stepped on his feet and landed slowly in front of a cave dwelling on the hillside.
The red-robed old man wears a Zongmen token around his waist to show that it is a real fire door.
This person is a true fire door then real Sima Zhi.
In front of the abode of fairies and immortals, a towering old tree stood a stone table, and a man in a blue robe sat on a stone bench with long and narrow eyes flashing with cold light.
"Brother Canglang, are you in a hurry to call me here for something important?"
Sima Zhi asked after landing at the door.
This blue robe man is the real person in Bixia Palace!
Canglang real person looks calm, not anxious, not slow, sipping a cup of tea before sinking, "Brother Sima Dao, you don’t know it when you are dying!"
Sima Zhi got a fright and soon calmed down and shook his head and laughed. "Canglang, are you kidding?"
"So Sumo is the ultimate foundation. When he steps into the territory of then, he will report his performance and spare you and me?" Canglang reality cold hum a.
Sima Zhi’s face changed and he was a little silent before saying, "To tell you the truth, I did think about it after the First World War, but Zongmen has sent people to the dimly discernible peak to be nice, and I didn’t have any choice."
"Can’t I kill dimly discernible peak alone? What’s the difference between that and dying? "
After a pause, Sima Zhi added, "Besides, Sumo is the ultimate foundation. If anyone moves, he will inevitably bear the anger of the misty peak!"
"Others have scruples, but you and I are different."
Canglang reality sink a way "now the situation is very clear Su Mo undead you and I will die! Can fight once and as soon as possible! Otherwise, many variables will be added when we step into the territory of then. "
Sima Zhi took a deep breath after his eyes flashed for a long time. "Brother Canglang, what do you say?"
"Don’t worry, I invited three helpers. They should be here soon."
Canglang reality motioned Sima Zhi to sit down and be calm.
In a short time, three real people then came in the wind, a thin middle-aged man with very thin lips and a cold look
On the far left, then the real person is holding a long banner brain and full of fat intestines and smiling.
On the far right, he is dressed in strong clothes, tall and muscular, like pieces of rock, and his brow is full of fierce gas.
Canglang was greeted by real people.
Canglang real person pointed to the leftmost real person holding the banner and said, "This is Tan Haozhen, a famous array mage in the wild north."
"This is Gao Hu Daoyou Jin Dan, who is good at exercising in his later period."
Strong man nodded toward Sima Zhi.
Canglang real person finally looked at the emaciated man with a smile and said, "This is Jin Danjing, a friend of Liang Hengdao, a famous earthquake in the northern region. dzogchen entered the intermediate ancient battlefield ten years ago and participated in the vision list competition!"
Sima Zhi had a shock in his heart.
You should know that no clan or power in the territory of the Zhou Dynasty has the strength to break the barriers of the intermediate ancient battlefield and send the monks in.
Sima Zhi and others didn’t get a chance to see the list of visions, let alone his monks vying for seats on the list of visions.
Liang Heng said with a wave so portentously, "It’s nothing. After all, there is no vision list."
"We can’t be friends in the vision list, and we are qualified to compete for the vision list to prove our strength." Sima Zhi quickly praised one.
Canglang real person also said with a smile, "Ten years ago, Liang Heng Daoyou almost signed up for the vision list, and he will definitely occupy the top ten seats!"
Liang Heng nodded for two people flattery is very satisfied.
He doesn’t have much friendship with Canglang real people. I mainly heard that Su Moshen has a congenital spirit!
If he gets this innate weapon and enters the ancient battlefield, he is absolutely sure to leave a name on the list of visions!