Wang Yue hurriedly took the power away with Tai Chi’s soft strength, and Wang Yue floated back like a feather with his strength.

Yuan Shixiao was surprised when he saw Wang Yue’s practice of unloading power. "It’s amazing to do this trick. Even if I’m an old man, I may not be able to do better than Wang Yue, my master rival Wang Yue can afford it."
When Yuan Shixiao planned to rescue Wang Yue when his life was in danger, the strength level of a half-step master was one level lower than that of the master fighters, but Yuan Shixiao denied that Wang Yue could kill the master fighters.
One effort will bring down ten meetings.
When the level of strength is different to a certain extent, skills and moves can’t make up for this gap.
Now Wang Yue is facing such a situation.
Wang Yue after landing heart andao "this old thing really badly deserves to be a master fighter. This claw has at least 50,000 Jin of strength, and I have more than 20,000 Jin of strength to kill him, and I can burn Qi and blood to gain strength."
Wang Yue and Li Lao are twice as powerful as each other, and there is no chance of victory.
Double the strength gap, don’t think that the gap is small. This is an insurmountable gap. When the strength reaches the limit, the weight of a straw can determine the outcome, let alone double the strength.
Li Laoda laughed. "Wang Yue, you’ve blocked me from this blow. I’m exhausted. Old-timer, it will be interesting to see if you can resist me and kill me several times! Prince He of Liu tried to entangle Wang Yue, who was so slippery that he lost the advantage of flying skill. It was easy for the old man to kill him. "
Liu He Li Lao attacked Wang Yue, but Li Lao and Wang Yue were too fast. He couldn’t keep up with a first-class fighter.
Liu He is Tai Chi’s younger brother and naturally Tai Ji Chuan.
See Liu Hejia champion yue sneer at a "family boxing? Family boxing in front of me is to teach fish to swim. "
"Burning blood!"
Wang Yue roar loud a suit unexpectedly appeared blood-red light breath and strength more than doubled.
"You Tai Ji Chuan, then I will come to Tai Ji Chuan to meet you!" Wang Yue stared at Prince He of Liu and blew out the vibration with one punch, rippling out the ripples.
Liu He’s eyes were frightened. "Move and stop!"
Tai Ji Chuan’s hammer method is masculine, and one hammer is used to remove the qi and blood shock of the recruiter, either death or injury.
"Blocking must be blocked!" Liu He used Tai Ji Chuan’s silk-winding strength to resist Wang Yue’s boxing strength.
Silk-winding strength can make the body tendons bounce back from the attack like bowstrings.
Of course, there is a limit to the strength of silk winding, just like the best bow, Li Yuanba’s hand will be broken.
Liu He blocked Wang Yue’s fist, but from the fist to the body through the arm, Liu Heshen’s big tendons and bones broke inch by inch
"Snow …" Liu He vomited one mouthful blood and then fell to the ground softly like cooked noodles, and soon lost his vitality.
Wang Yue heard the sound of gas shock coming from behind.
Li Lao has attacked.
Seeing that Li Lao’s claws have arrived behind Wang Yue, Wang Yuegen will come and not dodge, but can turn around and block the sword.
"Click …"
The sword in Wang Yue’s hand could not bear the bombardment of tens of thousands of pounds and was broken by the earthquake.
Li Lao’s claws rowed to Wang Yue’s abdomen, but Wang Yue was still injured.
Wang Yue pulled away from Li Lao with her flying skill, and felt her abdomen cool. When she looked down, she saw that her abdomen had left several claw marks and her clothes were red with blood.
If it weren’t for Wang Yue’s very fast speed, this would definitely be broken.
Li Lao grimaced, "Wang Yue, you remnants of the power, are you still fighting with me when your sword is broken?" I told you you would die! "
Wang Yue’s eyes showed the energy of killing qi and blood in the fuselage. "Don’t be happy too early. You just saved some skin injuries by sneak attack on me. What’s there to be proud of?"
Wang Yue shook his fist and said, "Now my strength and speed of burning Qi and blood have doubled, and I can compete with this old thing. But after all, burning Qi and blood can’t gain strength for a long time. I must do it quickly or I will be in danger when my energy runs out."
Wang Yue cold hum a stepping gait body phantom rushed to Li Lao.
"I don’t have a weapon, but I still have a fist," Wang Yueda said. "Today I will show you what kind of fist is the real fist."
Zhang Sanfeng, the King of Tai Ji Chuan Classics, has thoroughly studied it. No one can know more about domestic boxing than him, not even Wudang Master and Chenjiagou Taiji people.
Li Lao sneer at a also cast claws to attack.
"Bang … bang …"
A muffled sound made the ground crack by powerful force.
Wang Yue’s fist is so powerful that every punch can shake Li Lao’s blood and muscles, as if his body were falling apart.
Li Lao’s mouth was shocked with blood. "Wang Yue, an inverse thief, actually used the secret method to raise his skill so much. If I resist a few moves, I will be seriously injured. If Wang Yue’s strength does not dissipate, it will be my death."
"No, the old man can’t die. Here, the old man has to work in the court and work for the emperor."
"escape!" Li Lao made up his mind to escape.
Although Li Lao is a blood drop, he is different from ordinary blood drop experts. He doesn’t know the killing tools. He has his own thoughts and ambitions, and he will never lose to the situation and Wang Yue desperately.
"Wang Yue is a good fist," yelled Li Laoda. "You also eat my paw!"
Li Lao used his great physical strength to grasp at Wang, as if he was going to die with Wang Yue, who concentrated on resisting Li Lao’s attack, but at this moment Li Lao’s figure was beaten and then he used his flying skills to escape to the extreme.
Didn’t Li Lao’s escape make Wang Yue stunned and bloody?
"Wang Yue, you are a remnant of the former power. I will let you go today, but sooner or later you will die." Li Laoyin came.
Wang Yue came to her senses and wanted to catch up, but she couldn’t come.
Wang Yue stared at Li Lao’s disappearing back and sneered, "You can’t escape the old things. Even if you escape to Qianlong, I have a way to let you die."
Yuan Shixiao of Chen Jialuo, Huo Qingtong, the dust leader of Zhao Banshan, came out of the dark when they saw the end of the battle.
Huo Qingtong smiled at Wang Yue. "Wang Yue brothers, you are really amazing. Even liguan, an old thing, is not your opponent. You will be famous in this world war I."
Now Wang Yuecai knows that Li Lao’s name is liguan.
Wang Yue felt weak and her qi and blood energy dissipated quickly. "Miss Huo is flattering me, but she failed to kill this old thing."
Wang Yue took a look at the dust Taoist priest and said, "Dust Taoist priest, your sword was broken. Don’t worry, I will accompany you with a better one." Dust Taoist priest grew up and laughed. "Haha, Wang Yue, you didn’t expect a sword, but it’s not a magic weapon."
Chapter 327 Compensation for ceded territory