But Lin Ying eyes a stare cold hum a they immediately like falling ice dare not move again.

Even if Lin Ying is going to kill them at the moment, they dare not move.
Because they know that if they resist again, they will end up dead.
If you don’t resist, you may still live.
A moment later, Lin Ying clapped her hands and said, "All right, you are my coolies now."
Zhang Wu and others looked at each other without knowing what Lin Ying meant.
At this moment, Qing Muyang solved their doubts.
"You are all controlled by my boss. This is a way to control your soul directly. Don’t even think about resisting anyone who dares to have second thoughts or want to escape!"
When Qing Muyang said the last word, the tone was new and Zhang Wu and others felt a cold all over.
Zhang Wu smell speech also very immediately kneel avenue "boss, we really take refuge in you, we will never have second thoughts and never run away. From now on, we will all follow your lead and be your most loyal coolie."
Others also express their loyalty when they see it.
Lin Ying listened to their table loyalty and waved casually. "Okay, okay, no matter what you think in your heart, now you are my coolies. I hope you don’t do stupid things. Get up. The horse here will be occupied by zombies. We have to get out of here."
Zhang Wu and others immediately got up and looked at Lin Ying nervously waiting for him to arrange.
The horses here will be occupied by zombies, and they don’t know what to do. They have little experience in dealing with zombies, let alone so many zombies.
Green MuYang will sword shoulder turned a circle around Zhang Wu and others like looking at animals "ha ha good five people four six order a five order received you, our fighting capacity can rise a lot to grasp through G city again a few minutes".
Zhang Wu heard the words of green assessment looked up and asked in surprise, "what? You want to cross G City? "
Qing Muyang said with a smile, "Hey, hey, hey, yeah, how are we going to cross G City?"
"Are you crazy to cross G City?" Zhang Wujian said that the cold sweat came again.
"You’re going through G City, which means we’re going through this, this and this together."
Zhang Wu directly collapsed to the ground.
At this time, Zhang Wu and others have a feeling that they have just left the tiger’s den and entered the wolf’s den.
Chapter nine hundred and fifty Jump a few times more and get used to it
Lin Ying glanced at Zhang Wu, who was slumped, and said to others, "Take up your arms and come with me."
Lin Yimi and others didn’t react until they quickly picked up their weapons and followed Lin Ying behind them.
The building is full of zombies, and their horses are coming.
Zhang Wu also quickly took up arms and rolled and crawled behind.
Lin Ying took all the people to the stairs, heard the noise and roared, and ran to the floor at once.
Zombies in this building have been cleaned up by Zhang Wu, and they have not encountered any obstacles all the way, and soon reached the roof.
Lin Ying didn’t stay, but jumped from the roof to the top of the next building, followed by Qing Muyang, and easily jumped over.
But when they looked back, they found that several people in Zhang Wu still had a desperate expression on the edge of the roof.
"Still the leng wear why? Jump over! "Lin Ying looked at Zhang Wu and others and shouted.
As a result, Zhang Wu was sad, "I I dare not."
Next to Lin Yimi also waved, "I dare not."
"Me too."
"I dare not jump"
Others have waved their hands and dared not jump at the edge of the building.
"You five-order six-order people can’t even jump here. How did you survive?" Lin Ying gritted his teeth with anger.
The distance between the two buildings is only six or seven meters. Isn’t it funny that a group of five or six awakened people dare not jump?
Most people can jump three or four meters, but it is no problem for awakened people to jump seven meters easily after their physique is strengthened.
"The building is a zombie. Wouldn’t it be" Zhang Wuchao cast a glance at the building and replied in horror.
At this time, Qing Muyang despised that "a group of cowards will die if they don’t jump."
As if in response to green MuYang general building suddenly there was a series of crosstalk, they heard these sounds and their faces became extremely ugly.
"Boom, boom, boom, boom." This is the sound of the door breaking.
"Ho ho!" This is the excitement and roar of zombies when they find their prey.
"Boo-hoo, poof-poof" This is a zombie zombie eating sound.