Long Biao said, "Be ready to get drunk."

Everything was well arranged, and Long Biao left Xiao Yong and Oriental Yunying. When they came out of the cave, they suddenly disappeared. It was somewhat strange to guard the guards at the door. They came to Du Feng and Xiao Yong asked, "Are they gone?"
Du Feng nods, "When I leave, my master can go back."
Oriental Yunying said, "You let them leave. Will this get you into it?"
Du Fengdao said, "The mastermind who stole the sword is dead, and the court will not pursue it again in this explosion."
Xiao Yong moved in his heart and asked, "Then will you let us leave?"
Du Feng slightly one leng immediately laughed "Dali temple there doesn’t seem to say that anyone escaped from prison. Did you escape from Dali temple prison? Why don’t I know? "
Xiao Yong and Oriental Yunying laughed at this. Oriental Yunying said, "If we hadn’t been involved in many grievances of the same generation, maybe the three of us could become good friends."
Du Feng smiled indifferently. "A generation of grudges have been made in blowing in the wind. Now we can’t be good friends without ties?"
Xiao Yong said happily, "Of course, I want Du Shen to arrest me. What else can we say?"
Oriental Yunying turned a blind eye and Xiao Yong deliberately put a straight face. "He and I have a holiday to make friends. We must have another race. I am not willing to lose that peony boat."
"Ha ha" Xiao Yongwen laughed.
Du Feng also laughed. "This time I will try my best not to show mercy."
"If you show me mercy, I was wrong about you," Oriental Yunying said seriously. "I really wanted to have a good fight with you when we assassinated Li Jun with a high level of truth. That Xiao Yong eldest brother also wanted to join me, and I haven’t learned from him for a long time."
"Why are you pulling me again?" Xiao Yong’s face is a little black, and he doesn’t want to compete with them.
After a heavy snow, snowflakes covered all traces, and the world was pure and lonely.
The three of them learned from each other in the snow. This time, the contest between Oriental Yunying and Du Feng was brilliant. Once Long Xing’s heaven and earth were put to use, the shadows of knives were flying all over the sky. Oriental Yunying was shrouded in Du Feng’s knife light.
But he didn’t show weakness. He kept the whole door watertight with his sword. After hundreds of tricks, Oriental Yunying actually touched his heart. He successfully displayed seven stars and seven steps in one breath to climb the peak. Suddenly, the sword was combined with the sword, breaking Du Feng’s knife shadow and marching straight into Du Feng’s eyebrows.
Du Fengxin was shocked by the determination of Yin and Yang. He suddenly sprang to the ground and repeatedly made a knife in his body. Long Xing’s major styles of heaven and earth were connected by him, and the dragon was instantly unified into a knife shadow, and the momentum was like a rainbow. The sky and the earth seemed to have a phantom dragon shadow flying with head held high.
After a loud rumble, the two hit each other. After the heat wave rolled Du Fengling, they turned steady and fell into the snow. Oriental Yunying even took a few steps back.
"It seems that Du Shen has also made a breakthrough in this contest. I think I have become a seven-star renju, which can overwhelm you. Now it seems that I am doomed not to surpass you." Oriental Yunying shook his head and smiled. "Let’s fight again in three years. I don’t believe this. I can’t win you."
Du Feng laughed. "It’s rare to meet an opponent in life, so I’ll wait for you for three years."
Xiao Yong sighed inwardly. How many three years have there been in his life? If these two people go like this, it will be endless. Well, I can’t get involved.
Thought of here, Xiao Yong quietly turned around and caught a glimpse of Yunying in the East, and suddenly he shouted "Where to go"
Call his feet and jump on Xiao Yong’s sword, shake it and stab it in the middle of the back.
"Ouch, my mother!" Xiao Yong was startled by a drink from Oriental Yunying before he took two steps. He turned around and saw that Oriental Yunying’s sword had stabbed him and hurriedly drew his sword.
Ding Yi Dongfang Yunying’s sword topped Xiao Yong’s blade and forced Xiao Yong to take three steps back. Dongfang Yunying fell to the ground and laughed. "It’s not bad to lose and win back."
Xiao Yong muttered with a black line on his forehead, "Does sneak attack count?"
Du Feng looked straight and grinned. Oriental Yunying had put his sword into its sheath and squinted. Xiao Yong said, "Why isn’t Brother Xiao angry?"
Xiao Yong waved his hand and said, "I am angry." Since many things have happened, Xiao Yong has long lost his competitive mood. It is even more impossible for him to compete with his brother.
"Don’t you compete with Du Shen?" Oriental YunYing hands holding his chest gherardini way
What does Xiao Yong think of Yunying in the East? He doesn’t want to shrug his shoulders. "Just now, you lost Du Shen and I lost you, and the two of us are no different."
Oriental Yunying frowned slightly. He felt that Xiao Yong had really changed a little, and his old spirits had increased a lot. This was not what he wanted to see. Oriental Yunying thought that maybe it was time for him to leave.
Peony, Xiao Ju and Xiaomei have already arrived in front of the cave. Du Feng and other three people have a panoramic view of their every move in front of the cave.
"At this time, the three of them are really talking about thinking about a taller one, and they are too tired to panic." Xiaomei flipped through her eyes and muttered.
Peony laughed. "Let bygones be bygones and start over. This way can bring them closer!"
Xiao Ju said, "Brother Xiao seems to be keeping a low profile!"
"When the edges and corners are smooth, Xiao Dage is no longer him. Now he is looking at everything flatly!" After peony said, she glanced at Du Feng and thought, When will I be able to see everything plain?
After the contest, the three men turned around and came to the cave. Du Feng asked Peony, "Is Uncle Ouyang better?"
Peony said, "It’s a little late to be released."
In Bai Mudan’s words, the three people know what the law will help again. Du Feng said, "Then we can leave."
"Yes, it’s time to leave." Oriental Yunying glanced at several people and saw that they seemed to be holding their words in their hearts, but even no one could say it when looking at the present situation. He thought for a moment and took the initiative to say, "I’m asking for it now, so I’m going to go out for a walk alone, but I don’t know what are your plans?"
Xiao Yong took a glance at the peony peony and glanced at Du Feng Du Feng in a hurry. They thought that I should take the initiative and be in power. "I have to go back to me."
"Then what?" Mudanwen
Du Feng did not hesitate to tunnel firmly this time, "and then it depends on where you want to go."
Xiao Yong’s eyebrows suddenly sank and he carefully observed the peony reaction.
Peony heart exulting face is radiant, but she didn’t answer directly, but turned her eyes to Xiao Yong.
Xiao Yong’s heart is a little disappointed at this moment, but now he is not the spoony man he used to be. His adoptive father has left. He has no only family in the world, and now he has only friends left. He doesn’t want to make too many unpleasant things.
In this way, he has the choice to leave, and Xiao Yong said thoughtfully, "It’s very quiet here. I want to stay here for a few days and wait for peace. Maybe I will go back to my former home."
Having said this, he still left hope for himself. If Peony wants to stay here, he can spend some time with her. If we can make further progress, he is of course very happy. If not, leave some good memories for himself!
Peony Qiao eyebrows tiny Cu hesitated in her heart. She originally wanted to stay here, but now Xiao Yong wants to stay here. If she still insists on staying here, she is worried that Du Feng will have any thoughts, and maybe she will miss her life. Peony hesitated and didn’t speak.
Du Feng should take the initiative if he wants to be a man, and should not make it difficult for Peony to make a decision. Then he said, "Yi Mei can go wherever she wants. There are so many beautiful places in the world. I will come to you when I get back to Beijing to deal with things, and I will find you wherever you go."
Peony said, "Are you leaving Shenjifu?"
Du Feng seriously said, "I have long been out of sight in the imperial court of Shenji Mansion, and I have reached the goal of Shenji Mansion. There is nothing worth me to stay. If I still have a tie, there will be you."
Peony is filled with joy. She has been waiting for this sentence for too long. When courage strikes her eyes, others will do judo. "Brother Feng, I am already your man. I will listen to you."