This also makes Lin Yi feel guilty about treating Qin Guangmin and makes him very contradictory.

Su Jiner was busy walking towards Qin Guangmin, but Qin Guangmin waved his hand and stopped Su Jiner before jumping.
Su Jiner said sadly to Qin Guangmin, "Guangmin is difficult. Do you really hate your cousin? You promised me that you would always listen to me. Have you forgotten … "
Qin Guangmin’s silence
Su Jiner politely advised again, "Who are you? You know best in your heart that Guangmin listened to her sister and let Zuo Chaoyang go. If you let him go now, everything will be fine. From then on, they will never have a hard time with Piaohua Villa again. If you go your own way, it will be really over …"
Qin Guangmin still doesn’t talk, and his face is also expressive.
Although, in this way, he showed his mind that he would never compromise.
Lin Yi said to Qin Guangmin, "I’ll let Zuo Chaoyang go now and I’ll handle it with you."
Qin Guangmin shook his head.
Lin Yi staring at Qin Guangmin way "that what do you want? !”
Qin Guangmin pointed an old gun at Zuo Chaoyang. He angrily said to Lin Yi, "You … you killed my brother and killed so many people … I swear to kill your brother … I want you to kill him!"
It turned out that Qin Guangmin had to kill Zuo Chaoyang in front of Lin Yi.
Zuo Jingjing cried excitedly, "I will kill me instead of my son!"
Su Jiner was anxious to cry. She cried, "Cousin, please don’t, sister …"
Lin Yi Avenue "Qin Guangmin, if you go to Piaohua Villa with this spear, there will be more dead people!"
But they have all been unable to stop Qin Guangmin. Now Qin Guangmin is burned by all kinds of anger. He is not Li Yan. He is a joke. He suffered inhuman abuse from Liang Hongyan several times. What did he do wrong? Lin Yi killed so many of his good brothers again … All these things pestered him and tortured him. An angry storm formed in his heart and collided with his soul. He needed to vent. He also wanted to make Lin Yi and them feel miserable and let them taste the loss of relatives and friends.
Qin Guangmin stared at the gun in Lin Yi’s hand and slowly stabbed the left Chaoyang neck.
Lin Yi, a few people’s hearts are also like instantaneous freezing.
Zuo Jingjing felt very dizzy and shaky and was held by Li Yan.
Zuo Chaoyang cried to his mother with tears in his eyes
"Niang child unfilial can no longer accompany you! You must take good care! " Zuo Chaoyang said to Lin Yi again, "Brother Lin takes good care of my mother for me …"
Zuo Jingjing felt weak at the moment. She lost her mind and miraculously said to herself, "Yang Er’s mother avenged you, so she can’t live without you …"
While Lin Yi stared at Qin Guangmin with red eyes, Qin Guangmin also stared at the gun in his hand and continued to stab at Zuo Chaoyang. Qin Guangmin’s gun was still two inches away from Zuo Chaoyang’s neck, and suddenly Qin Guangmin’s gun stopped at this moment of shock.
Lin Yilai stared at him, and he found that Qin Guangmin’s expression changed instantly-he seemed a little surprised, and then Qin Guangmin stood still as if he were possessed.
Everyone on both sides was surprised to see Qin Guangmin Zuo Jingjing’s eyes rising with hope.
Lin Yi was full of doubts. Suddenly he realized that someone must be talking to Qin Guangmin!
Who is this guy?
Lin Yi consciousness swept around.
There are Tibetans everywhere in the surrounding Woods and rocks.
After a while, Qin Guangmin put the gun away.
He ordered the hand to "let … let him go".
Lin Yi and others suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.
Zuo Jingjing is even more pleasantly surprised, feeling like being reborn.
Su Jiner is even more happy to call "Guang Min, you are still a good elder sister and brother …"
They can’t believe that Qin Guangmin suddenly changed his mind and spared Zuo Chaoyang. It’s so surprising.
Qin Guangmin, the acupuncture point of Zuo Chaoyang, said to Zuo Chaoyang, "I won’t spare you again …"
Zuo Chaoyang himself breathed a sigh of relief. Qin Guangmin didn’t kill him. Zuo Chaoyang was very grateful that he first ordered the acupuncture points on his wound to stop bleeding and said to Qin Fangmin, "I won’t come to your villa again after Xie Qinxiong doesn’t kill grace."
Zuo Chaoyang said and walked towards his mother.
He knew that the scene just now must have scared his mother’s soul out.
Zuo Jingjing was full of tears and held her in her arms. She said to Qin Guangmin gratefully, "Thank you, Qin Shaozhu, thank you … I will never forget my left home today!"
The frost color on Lin Yi’s face also melted away. He didn’t speak to Qin Guangmin for a moment, and this moment contained too much appreciation, gratitude and guilt that Lin Yi wanted to express … all in this moment.
Qin Guangmin said angrily to them, "Get out … Don’t let me see you again!"
Say that finish Qin Guangmin reflexive goes to the gate.
Looking back at Qin Guangmin’s background, I cried, "Summary … Ah Guangmin, I knew you were a good baby. You have a good conscience. Haha, we won’t make trouble again after you rest assured. If you meet me in the future, you will walk around you at a distance."
Liang Hongyan is dead, Zuo Chaoyang is finally out of danger, and everyone is not happy.
You Liyan has been evil for many years, and his heart is smoother.
Then they left Piaohua Mountain Villa.
From the international Lin Yi looked back at Piaohua Villa.
Their feud at Piaohua Villa is expected to end, and Lin Yi promised "Dad" Lin Datou to find his son for him. Now it seems that it is very slim to let Qin Guangmin recognize his father, and Qin Guangmin’s hatred for him is probably hard to melt in this life.
This made Lin Yi feel sorry and helpless.
Lin Yi also took a look at the surrounding area. Was there a mysterious voice before? He believes that there must be, or Qin Guangmin would never have let Zuo Chaoyang go for a reason. Then who is this secret voice?
Lin Yi and others walked out of the seven miles and suddenly a group of people came in front.
There are sixty or seventy people riding.
Protected by a luxurious polar carriage 3.
Several banners in the team are hunting and waving in the wind.
The flag is impressively written in three characters: Beifu Qin.
Chapter 56 Kill mother hate (1)